UK, Naval Officer and Rating Service Records, 1802-1919.


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The official website have now made available the UK, Naval Officer and Rating Service Records, 1802-1919.
If anyone would like a look up I would be more than happy to help, please let me know.

Sweetpea. :)
Hi Sweetpea, thanks for the offer, time permitting could you check on my Grand-father for me name of Henry Downward official no. k22371 IRON DUKE battle of jutland, think he was a leading hand LME--just got this machine so still working out what makes it move, thank you for your help


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Hello Phil,

At the moment only two entries for Henry Downward appear in the new RN Listings on Ancestry (not your man I suspect). Unfortunately the links for both listings lead me to the National Archives website where one has to pay to download the files.
The two files listed are:

Name Downward, Henry Willacey
Service Number(s): BZ/3991
Rank or Rating: Ordinary Seaman
Date of Birth: 1878

Name Downward, Henry Willacey
Service Number: Z/3991
RNVR Division: Bristol
Date of Birth: 30 November 1878

Sadly, having looked through the listings it seems that the WWI Royal Naval Service Records are not available on Ancestry at all but are still pay to view via The National Archives website. o_O
Ancestry have only indexed the RN service records. I must say that their notice regarding the access to the RN records via their Ancestry website is very misleading!

So, here is a list of the RN Records available via the Ancestry website at present...

Miscellaneous Service Registers.
Engineers Service Records.
Entry Books & Certificates.
Indexes (to the RN service records).
UK Naval Medal & Award Rolls 1793-1972.
Royal Marines Registers of Service Index 1842-1925.
UK Royal Naval Reserve Service Records Index 1860-1955
UK Navy Lists 1888-1970
War Grave Roll.

I am extremely disappointed as I had fully expected to gain full access to the RN service records.

Thank you for your help Sweetpea--much appreciated---could I impose upon you to check on James Thompson Harvey--Royal Welsh Fusiliers--ww2-----my father but that's all I know of him,,, thank you and should I be in some position to repay you just let me know, thankyou again


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Hi Phil,

All WWII service records are still held by the MoD, so you need to apply for a copy of your fathers service record from them.
Please be aware that there is a £30 search and copy fee for this service, you also need to fill in certain forms which are available to download from the link below. If you need any help, just give the Veterans UK team a call, they are always very helpful and will be able to point you in the right direction - their telephone number can be found on the page I have linked to.


I have access to the WWI Army records ... just saying like. :)

Thank you for your help, owe you a tot----if you remember it that is---the day it ended was our most dreary of days I have yet to see such despair and forlorn comrades again---just thinking of it makes me shudder and want to lock myself in the chain locker---have to go getting to depressed on the subject----good news I still have maybe 3 weeks of neaters in my stash ready for the blackest of days to cheer me


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Glad I have been able to help, even if in a small way..

I know of the old navy tot Phil - I'm actually quite partial to a small tot of Pussers rum with a dash of hot water on a cold winters night ... If we ever meet, I'll happily accept your kind offer of a tot, thank you. :)

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