UK Military Chiefs warned: Stop squabbling or risk more cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. Oh good, any excuse to cut real defence funding while still padding MP's expenses.
  2. Re: UK Military Chiefs warned: Stop squabbling or risk more

    But very very true. The department needs to present a unified front to enable it to negotiate from a strong position with the treasury. If the 3 service heads are squabbling then we will all suffer. It has happened before, and the treasury will run rings around us.
  3. It is rather simplistic to blame the Chief’s of Staff for robustly defending their own Arm. It’s the Treasury and MoD (Centre) that create the circumstances that invite it. Perhaps the alternative is to find no further “assumptions†and scaled risk “savingsâ€; but that would require them to openly defy the Government. They also have the prerogative to present their cases directly to HM the Q. That would also be viewed as an act of defiance and place Aunty Betty in a dangerous position. To a Party so hell bent on further Constitutional reform, it would be gift from the Gods.

    The Government, as good as, demands with menaces self mutilation.

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