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UK is sooooooo boring!

Pretty cool, Andym.
I went to boot camp at MCRD San Diego in 84. It's a big-time Navy/Marine town, so it's always lively, to say the least.

Also listened to the ATC transmissions from MCAS Miramar and SAN, being the planespotter that I am.
We did listen to Edwards AFB and some of the traffic was quite interesting.Last night in SD was quite fun.Choppers chasing a stolen bus,trucks running over water hydrants and a missing child,which was eventually found.
andym said:
trucks running over water hydrants and a missing child,which was eventually found.

Did the trucks hit the child before or after the fire hydrant? :)

Anyway, SD and the UK both sound far more interesting than the hub of activity that's better known as the Upper Ottawa Valley - this morning's (i.e. 31 October) radio news had as one of its headlines the following story: "A Laurentian Valley business is counting the cost of a recent robbery - a laptop computer and some money were taken during a robbery overnight on the 23rd October.". That was it; no description of laptop, no indication of the amount of money stolen or any other detail, and waht's more it took them at 7 days to collate this in-depth information!
The truck and the child were not a related incident.Tonight was fun,at the local hospital there was a one legged man in a wheelchair refusing to leave.LOL,they called about 5 units to attend!I had to go out so i dont know how it ended.

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