Uk immigration - Theresa May speech.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirlin, Oct 6, 2015.

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    Even without immigration the NHS , schools , local infrastructure needs more funding , cohesive society ? , yes I live in sleepy town York which is 95% white English and we have few problems regarding different migrant groups , thoughts ?.
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  2. I live in Huntingdonshire, however sometimes I think I have been transported to Eastern Europe. I noticed the other day on my run, loads of empty beer cans dumped in the verges, all Polish type lager. They have banned drinking within the ring road so they just sit on the benches on the outside. British drunks simply go in the cheap pubs where the poles will not go.
  3. Abergavenny not too bad, not many foreign types here. Hereford on the other hand is now the second city of Poland. Or is it Rumania? I'm not sure but there's thousands of the buggers there.
  4. I live in south Worcestershire and Eastern Europeans are everywhere. They seem to like little shops rather than supermarkets but there are plenty even in there. The majority are peaceful and hardworking but the pressure on services such as the GPs is at breaking point. This is not a racial thing but sheer weight of numbers. The knock on effect is that locals have to wait longer and longer to get to see the Doc and this causes discontent. The schools are also struggling as the migrant's youngsters have to be taken in, many of them with little or no English, classwork is slowed trying to get the little boys/girls up to speed. I have heard nothing of any fighting between British and Polish/Latvian/Lithuanian/Romanian or Bulgarian people but plenty between the Eastern Europeans many of whom hate and despise their neighbouring countrymen.
    They have taken jobs which the locals would have turned their noses up at but also jobs the terminally idle could have been pointed at rather than sitting in Wetherspoons or the bookies all day.
    What all this means to me is that mass immigration has brought benefits but they are a mixed blessing. Teresa May is correct in what she said today, we have reached saturation point and we have to be more picky as to whom we open the door to. Prioritise the really needy and plug a skills gap where necessary.
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  5. Fishhead. A very well reasoned post. "This is not a racial thing" will not work with those who automatically assume that you are a racist, but in my view you have got this pretty well right.
    You correctly identify there that there are those who are terminally idle, but that the pressure of largely uncontrolled immigration on the country's infrastructure is intense ( to the detriment of existing citizens).
    This country has historically accepted and welcomed immigrants - and in my view a reasonable influx has been to our overall benefit. Over the years, Jews, Huguenots, refugees from Nazi Germany, West Indians and Ugandan Asians (and others) have enriched our way of life, although I recognise that all of these may have suffered from varying degrees of prejudice.
    The problem NOW is that there is an increasing change in immigration numbers which seriously threatens our overall society. Refugees? Yes, we have historically accepted them, and should continue, to do that. Economic migrants - possibly, but with controls.
    Could the present Government really be trying to address the problem?
    I do not consider myself a racist. But I think I have the simple mental capacity to recognise that there IS a problem.
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  6. Fishead your views are spot on. The South Worcestershire/Herefordshire areas are awash with Poles, Rumanians, Bulgarians etc because they will do the jobs that the natives turn their noses up to. Years ago mothers would get the kids to school and be off out to work on the land fruit picking, spud grading, pruning or whatever was required to help the households' income. Now most of them seem to sit around in Sainsburys or Morrisons cafe nattering while your hardworking immigrant earns the money. But this can lead to racial tension in its own way, One large farm I deliver feed to is managed by a Pole and is staffed by four other lads of various nationalities and he despises them all, referring to them as 'those foreign bastards!' And his attitude is fairly typical in the poultry growing industry which does employ a lot of foreign workers. Not because they come cheap, the pay is pretty good, it's because the employers can't get Brits to do the job as they don't like working evenings or weekends.
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  7. I can only speak for Bath but, there, most of the Big Issue sellers are East Europeans. They certainly seem to be filling a skills gap.
  8. .

    Britons (NOT "Brits") would do the work if the pay was attractive enough.
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  9. If only that were true!
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  10. Similar issues were around in the 50's and 60's when we had a large influx from the Windies, they were taking all the jobs? Know they were filling vacancies which locals did not want. I think the main racist problem is being imported as mentioned above many eastern (white) Europeans hate each other, but the main issue with the flood gates open there is only so much our overall system can take without some form of major change. The government are trying to cut the social bill down, whilst in influx is putting more pressure on our social system. The government should be looking for ways to make money, not giving so much away the other countries and taxing the big companies that make billions in the UK but do not pay any taxes
  11. How good would you like it to be before it's attractive to a British worker? These guys are not being ripped off by some strawberry baron, paid feck all living six to a caravan and paying astronomical rent. Those days in this area seem to be long gone. The guys in this industry work hard but are on good money and tidy accomodation. One Polish lad I know is sending a grand a month home to his family, drives a '62 plate Audi A3 and has a three bed house supplied with the job. His boss says he's the best poultryman he's ever had in 30 years in the industry because he's honest, loyal and committed to the job.
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  12. Out of interest, what's your definition of a 'Briton'?
  13. An interesting question Ballistic, I too would like to hear the answer to that one!
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  14. Ah, got it now.
    45 seconds into the video :D

  15. .

    IF anyone doesn't know what a Briton is, I worry.

    (I especially worry if they think that "Brit" is a (horrible) abbreviation for anything else !)

  16. Worry some more , I am a Yorkshireman and would cringe if someone refered to me as a Briton. Probably the same could be said for Cornishmen/Lancashiremen/Hampshiremen etc.
  17. I am now confused.

    We have been given the OED definition of Briton but pg55555 is worried that this is not clear. What, pray, is a Briton if not as described in the dictionary?
  18. Live in the capital city of the united nations!!!! such a cohesive society.
  19. Surely everyone knows that a Briton is a mechanical device for closing doors?

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