UK hosts conference on Syrian-led political transition


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Ministry of Defence said:
The UK is hosting a private meeting of the Syrian National Coalition, leading international partners and international experts on 9-10 January to consider how the international community can support a successful Syrian-led transition to a stable and democratic country.
Commenting on the meeting a Foreign Office spokesperson said:
As announced by the Foreign Secretary to the Friends of Syria meeting in Marrakech on 12 December, the UK is intensifying its support for a Syrian-led transition process. With the escalating violence and suffering Syria has endured over the past 22 months, the international community has an important responsibility to ensure it is ready to help a future Syrian government achieve political transition and stability quickly. Therefore, it is vital that the international community is ready to react to change on the ground, which could happen suddenly.
[h=4]Further Information[/h]Foreign Secretary’s remarks at Friends of the Syrian People meeting
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