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UK Homeland Security?

Do we need a new Security Service?

  • No. I trust the people who failed to stop 7/7...

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Oh, come on! Everyone knows the People's Princess was slotted by a joint Increment/Opus Dai hit team, on the orders of HM and the Pope.
Diana was about to reveal to the world that she was the direct descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalen. And the Illumanati simply could not allow that to happen.
The Da Vinci Code is a brilliant piece of black propoganda, diverting attention away from the Truth: thet Diana was the Holy Grail!
dt018a9667 said:
I’ve got my tin hat and flack jacket on, please give me a chance to duck after saying this, but just for once in this case they may have done us all a favour! Right my head is down fire away.

They would have done us a favour had they killed the right one!

:idea: Just imagine having Diana as your DO... Ooooh, if only she'd joined up! :D
The police, at their annual conferance, have called for more Armed Officers. The problem is that the average copper does not want to be armed. While people who might make excellent Armed Response officers, i.e. ex-Military, have no interest in day-to-day policing.
For once, I think Ian Blair might have the right idea; he mooted an idea last year to allow ex-Military direct recruitment into units like the Brazilian Bandits(SO19).
I think the idea is a sound one. Ex-Millitary would go through a selection course and re-train as AFO's. They would do this role and this role only. This would greatly increase the amount of firepower on call for the police - and provide a career for a lot of ex-squaddies, bootnecks etc.
One thing is certain: there have been 5 police officers killed in the line of duty in the last three years. If the police cannot protect themselves, how can they protect us?

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