UK getting it's own version of NASA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Merlin28, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. Now THAT is a very good idea and could help us out of any problems over the SDSR ... if EVERY sailing club started its own Navy!!!

    On a related topic to the thread, however, [/quote]The satellites, to be orbited in 2013, will be able to see details down to one metre at their best resolution
  2. I expect your local sailing club has more vessels than our Navy
  3. Have to come up with a good name for it. How about Aeronautical Research Space Executive...
  4. Sounds like a similar set up to one at Bangor University, that my cousin was involved with in the 60s. good luck to them, hope they make a profit.
  5. Just what the Earth needs: More satellites.

    At the danger of sounding like an eco-warrior, I wonder if anyone gives any thought to retrieving dis-used satellites? Things like the International Space Station, for example; does anyone use it? Campaigning in the eighties has brought awareness to the ecological damage caused by polluting the seas and rivers, and has also prompted international action to at least try to tackle the problem of Global Warming and the hole in the O-Zone layer. But why are we now doing our utmost to put more rubbish in the upper atmosphere?

    The concern I've got is, what is the danger of the satellites being knocked out of orbit? So much junk up there could turn the upper atmosphere into an enormous obstacle course - or a minefield.
  6. Maybe there's a market for an orbital ragbone man to bring home the various bits safely. With the World's mineral resources being systematically acquired by China, it might be our only means of access.

    Could he afford all the goldfish and donkeystones for the owners, though.

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