UK Border Controls or Lack of.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Nov 8, 2011.

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  1. What a bloody shambles and this is the worst part. The Home Secretary May has stated that the number of suspected terrorists, criminals and illegal immigrants who entered the country as a result of relaxing border controls will never be known!

    May is refusing to resign even though she had no idea what was going on in her department, the woman has more neck than a giraffe. Everyone entering our country should have their passport checked thoroughly; there can be no excuse for sloppy procedures where the security of our country is concerned.

    I hope to see May’s head on a platter before too long, she deserves nothing else.
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  3. Don't hold your breath finks.Unless someone can prove categorically that she knew what she claims she didn't they're will be no resignations or firings.I agree it's a shambles but you should know by now that politicians will not resign unless they're done to rights.
  4. As I remember it, the (then) home secretary Robin Cook and later that Jock feller - the one who became Speaker - presided over exactly the same sort of shambles that Mrs. May finds herself in right now.
    Nobody resigned then, and I doubt anyone will resign over this one; fact is, the higher up the tree you get, the less you see so unless you have a damn good internal spy in your midst, you ain't gonna know about this sort of thing until someone further down blows the whistle.
    To be fair, although it's obviously a right old balls-up the finger is pointing directly at the former head of the Border Agency for going over his remit in relaxing immigration checks - and according to News 24 he's now resigned.
    Another fart in a teapot, methinks.
  6. I can live in hope that when Mr Clark comes before MP's to give evidence he will provide the noose that will hang May.

    jaybee48, Robin Cook bless him was a Jock fella as well.
  7. Its no problem finks all we need is another amnesty, after that they can all claim to have reduced immigration in a their own blakcbook report.
    Job done.
  8. Typical Politician ... deny all knowledge/responsibility when the "dark and faecal" hits the windmill! As usual someone has to take the fall for their incompetence!
  9. I think the border agency concept is a farce. How can they be expected to 100% control our Borders. Call them airport or seaport agency! But not 'border'.
    Give the navy some fast cutters and let us patrol the coastline around our Borders.

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  10. Telegraph Today:

    Brodie Clark says'
    "I am anxious to take part in any independent inquiry into matters relating to UK Border Agency but my position at UKBA had been made untenable because of the statements made in the House of Commons by the Home Secretary Theresa May.
    "Those statements are wrong and were made without the benefit of hearing my response to formal allegations. With the Home Secretary announcing and repeating her view that I am at fault, I cannot see how any process conducted by the Home Office or under its auspices, can be fair and balanced.
    "The Home Secretary suggests that I added additional measures, improperly, to the trial of our risk-based controls. I did not".

    Well one of them is a liar and I know which one my money is on, nice shoes shame about the face.
  11. It's all a farce, on the one hand we have May denying any knowledge, which I can totally believe, on the other hand we have Yvette Cooper, throwing in her two pennies worth, and saying multiculturism is good for Britain, but decrying the lack of immigration control. Then to cap it all the HMRC civil servant is asked to take an oath before giving evidence to the Select comittee, because MP's cannot get a straight answer.
  12. I would say it is more the case that MP's cannot give a straight answer and I for one do not believe for one minute that May knew nothing about it. We can only hope that in the end the truth will prevail. Are we destined to be ruled by one bunch of bungling buffoons after another, it certainly seems that way?
  13. Because he was giving "evidence" it was a requirement that it be under oath. If he was merely delivering a report it would not need to be under oath - there is nothing sinister about this, it is a procedural issue.
  14. tam


    Mrs May is accountable for this fiasco, if she takes up the position of Home Secretary then she must be held accountable for a balls up of this magnitude, the PM should sack her now rather than later.
  15. To misquote Richard Hooker (M*A*S*H)

    All Home Office Workers are Elephants

    All Elephants have Clap

    and Mrs May is Head Mahout and therefore must be held responsible!
  16. The Blair/Brown farrago wished to change the face of Britain (England being a word not to be used) and so it was. This means that the new faces now run many of the operational centres. Nuff said!.

  17. Are you Mikehunt's relief?
  18. tam


    Mrs May needs taking away by men in flapping white coats; how the hell could relaxing immigration procedures strengthen our borders?
  19. Never a truer word spoken, LG; I had to reapply for a passport from scratch in 2008 as my last one had expired several years back, so, filled in all the forms, put a hefty cheque in the envelope and sent it off.
    A fortnight later I got a letter from the HO people asking me to attend an interview in Brum city centre, for the purpose of ensuring that I was who I said I was; off I trotted to this nondescript office block just off Bristol Street, checked myself in at the desk and waited for someone to call me up to the interview booth.
    Ten minutes later I was called to booth 4, and there, behind the desk with all my paperwork in front of her was an Indian lass, about 23 to 25 years old - FFS, I'm being quizzed by an immigrant!
  20. Are you sure about that? Not 2nd or even 3rd generation and as much right to be there as you or should all officials be white with a copy of their family tree with them and how far back should it go?
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