UK 'backs Blair for EU president' so says "Lady" Kinnock

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by flymo, Jul 15, 2009.

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    Right, I know that I have rated a couple of rants recently so will be happy to receive points for this. Am initially posting this in CA but I expect this may end up in Lils (Can you believe that I never EVER went to the real Lils..... ) once I have finished...

    Rant <on>
    A very misleading headline from the BBC giving the impression that Taffy is speaking for the whole of the country. 'Cos until I have plastic surgery to change which way my arse points, as long as it points down, there is no way that she would ever speak for me. Infact she is speaking for the Government (read: Mandy Mandelson, the Poofter Prince of Darkness - or is it slightly "off grey" with a hint of pink). And how many of the people in the UK does the Government actually speak for at the moment. Oh, you don't know? That's because this bunch of tw4ts in "power" were too fcuking scared to have an election to prove that they are wanted by the electorate.

    Who the flying fcuk does this bint think she is by reckoning that she speaks on my behalf. I wouldn't grant her permission to speak about the steam from my piss let alone the subject of promoting a lying, murdering, two faced tw4t like Tony B-Liar to a non job of EU Presidency upon 'my behalf'. David Kelly was probably murdered upon orders of Tony, DKs number two at Porton Down died in a plane crash ....hmmm..... get a feeling there is a trend here? I just hope the people who helped these people on their way know that they have also indirectly killed a further 180 Brits.

    Then you have Barack Stanchion Obama admitting that the reason for the Iraq invasion was for regime change. And promptly gave the US Armed Forces a pay rise. So the serving chaps and chapesses were sent to war upon a lie, it wasn't because of WMD after all and the document that was downloaded from someone's 12 year old thesis on Iraq and then made out it came from the intelligence people in Downing Streeet, complete with fcuking spelling mistakes et al too.
    <Cough> Did you here that Tony? IT WASN'T 'COS THEY WERE ABOUT TO UNLEASH SEVEN BARRELS OF SHIT ONTO US AFTER ALL. Never mind, you looked good in Parliament that day on the TV, knowing that the world's media were watching you "statesmanlike" performance. And you were performing.

    And then TB gets given the job as EU peace envoy to the Middle East and doesn't say a word when Israel invades the Gaza strip. Once the invasion is over the then happily accepts a grubby $1 million from Israel. To this stupid pleb here, it smacks of "cheers for keeping your nose out Tone". Do "they" think we are really that stupid to not notice or to not care as long as there is a nice looking bird on "page 3".

    Underneath the charade, Tony wants this job as EU President - I ******* hope that he, Lady Kinnock and Mandy are the only ones.

    Rant <off>

  2. Stop beating about the bush and say what you really think :thumbleft:


    Edited To Add:-
  3. Where do I get a vote on that Cnut becoming Prezzydent?
    Kin disgusting.
    Where is the opposition to Europe in this Country? I need to join, fast!
  4. Well she is right about one thing, people know who he is and what he is, an unctuous creep with a forked tongue who should be facing war crimes charges.
  5. Interestingly, if Paddy votes against the Constitution/Treaty again, there won’t be a President to appoint. It must be the only time in my life that I have wanted the Irish to stick to their guns.
  6. Hopefully the Irish will reject it all the more overwhelmingly this time - I'm hoping to see blind outrage from them that they've been asked to vote again, because they voted the "wrong" way the first time.
  7. This excerpt from the Guardian article raised as smile:-

    However, Lady Kinnock is quoted as saying:

    Blair is seen by many as someone who has the strength of character, the stature. People know who he is, and he would be someone who would have this role and step into it with a lot of respect and I think would be generally welcomed.

    It's tempting to say in response that everything in those two sentences is wrong – even the punctuation

  8. Lady Kinnock!!

    Wife of a failed politician!! In fact I think all those scum bags in that place are all failed politicians!!

    To be sure now I will be telling the lads and lassies at The Penny Black that if you vote yes Mr Blair may well be the Euro President.

    Words like they can feck off and shove their euro up there fecking ass was common talk last time
  9. No wonder Bliar was so keen to get the Lisbon Treaty ratified - he was lining himself up for the job. What a cnut.
  10. I don't think there can be anything more slippery and slimey than the vast majority of politicans with Blair standing head and shoulders above the rest, they can keep the f..k away from my door.
  11. Bliar as Present of Europe ? Wouldn't put him in charge of bathroom, heads and messdecks - as if we needed him and the mobile gob (Mrs Bliar) in charge of ANYTHING after the last 12 years.................
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Unfortunately the main reasons given against this petition are 'Euro' reasons painting Bliar as not a good European. Personally I would sign a national petition for the PM to disown Bliar publicly on the grounds that Bliar is a lying, scheming, grafting, deceitful, untrustworthy, self-seeking, self-serving, unprincipled, money-grubbing, ex(?)-CND-traitor ... space left for further invective .. and one of the most deeply loathsome specimens of homo politicus ever to pollute the planet by his presence, level with his 'friends' (if he has any) Lord Mandelbum, Gordon Ceaucescu and the emetic Kinnocks.
  13. you don't like them very much then? :wink:
  14. What he said!!! 8O
  15. Taken from todays Daily Mail
    Ruling Blair Out
    IT IS, by any standards a disgraceful stitch-up a squalid crony deal by Mssrs Brown, Mendelson and Kinnock-to give the backing of a government, that broke its promise on a referendum on the Constitutional Treaty, to Tony Blair as President of the EU.
    Some weeks ago the Times in a front page article claimed that David Cameron had agreed not to oppose Mr Blairs nomination, in return for the former Labour leader staying out of the general election campaign.
    At the time the Tories robustly denied the story. We now look forward to Mr Cameron making an equally clear and unequivical condemnation of the Governments nomination of Blair for Presidency
  16. This whole episode in their game of politics over the masses just makes me seeth with anger. :evil:
  17. When did they rise to that high in the ratings then :?: :lol:
  18. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Clearly Mandy and the Kinnocks will be duly rewarded 9at our expense) if this disgusting stitch up works.

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