UK 'at risk of sea-borne attack'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ivormorski, May 18, 2009.

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    I saw this today and was intrigued as to how the MOD would spread out the six frigates and two patrol boats around the coast. They would probably rope in all the University patrol boats to assist but even then it would be a mean trick. I should imagine the majority of police boats would be RIB's with limited capability and capacity. So is there a significant threat, because I can think of at least a dozen sites vital to the UK.
  2. I was watching vids on youtube lastnight of the hippycamp next to faslane and one cropped up of Greenpeace supposedly blockading a trident sub from re-entering the base.. climbed onto the barriers (or whatever they are called) and found it slightly concerning that anybody could get that close without being stopped. The Police didn't even seem to do anthing. Say one of the hippies goes a step further over to 'radicalism', taking 'action' into their own hands, or the group is infiltrated by whoever with bad intentions, what's to stop some kind of attack happening in that case? Just a scenario I played over in my mind..
  3. Bearing in mind the total pain in the bum that Aid to the Civil Power has traditionally been, uptake on that proposal would be quite interesting. It would certainly shine some interesting light on the "Emperor's clothes".
  4. We get invaded daily from Calais and the government do nothing, what new? Why risk the sea when lorries, trains and planes bring them in?
  5. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "Bearing in mind the total pain in the bum that Aid to the Civil Power has traditionally been, uptake on that proposal would be quite interesting. It would certainly shine some interesting light on the "Emperor's clothes". "

    Too true - but more importantly, MOD has spent years trying to get out of the MACP business on the grounds that we're not funded and resourced to do it. We finally get the OGDs to accept this, and up pop a committee of MPs demanding we roll the clock back - thanks guys!
  6. I'm sure the Maritime Volunteer Service can help........ ;)
  7. 'Why risk the sea when lorries, trains and planes bring them in?'

    Who exactly is 'them'?
  8. Terrorists!
  9. Some background may be useful. The document that sparked all the news articles was the Defence Committee's Sixth Report - The Defence contribution to UK national security and resilience. This section is particularly relevant:

    Unfortunately, the corporate memory is dim as we've been around this buoy countless times before. Although the main slant in the old days was on the threat of sabotage to ports and anchorages handling NATO reinforcements, this issue was addressed often in such articles as Look to Your Moat - The Defence of the Home Base (nothing to do with MPs' sleaze), published on pp 95-104 of Vol 72 of the Naval Review in April 1984:

    The Port Headquarters (PHQ) organisation, including Naval Officers in Command (NOICs), Mine Countermeasures Local Liaison Teams (MCMLLTs), Naval Control of Shipping Officers (NCSOs), Port Divers and Harbour Defence vessels manned by the now defunct Royal Naval Auxiliary Service (RNXS), has been disbanded while close, frequently-exercised cooperation with civil maritime and air organisations (a valuable force multiplier for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes) seems to have dried up too. When the need arose, many of these posts were filled by Reservists and retired officers holding dormant appointments. I'm sure that some of the contingency plans for port and harbour defence can be dusted off and modified but who is going to do this and where are the personnel, vessels and infrastructure needed to fulfil the tasks? Yet another victim of inadequate Defence funding, it seems.
  10. Isn't this a role crying out for the RNR to fill.

    This could free the few regular ships (if they are at sea or more likely in mothballs or URNU boats) to protect the fleet.
  11. I thought that most of cnuts came from West Yorkshire?
  12. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "Isn't this a role crying out for the RNR to fill. "

    Given that the RNR is at full stretch doing deployments in sandy places, and also has no seagoing personnel beyond upper deck sentries, probably not!
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    The fleet protection group, booties that charge up and down the jetties. They spring into action on hearing the callsign marine ronjeremy.

    If I remember right this was a couple of years ago and they got as far as the boom and had their publicity stunt. They were arrested along with crew from the mother ship that sailed up the loch. Heard a dit with the crew arrested Jack had to man the ship while the crew were in cells.
  14. Someone you and I know well was that man that manned that ship.

    Oh, and isn't it Machine Rolex?
  15. Good point JFH, and the muppets doing the checks in Eurotunnel shouldn't be let out without adult supervision, you can smuggle just about anything.
  16. Well thats Saturday and Sunday covered!
  17. PT - how many are mobilised up north FPGRM ?? 100 ish out of a total of 2,500 in the RNR. 8O Granted the mobilisation stretches into 2012 (not that those people will be in the RNR then trust me :lol: )

    So what about the other 2,400 ?? answer on a postcard to MoD, fairytail street, london. :D
  18. Only the nice wet and welcoming one's :lol:
  19. Only half day sun day I'm affraid. Well we do have a proper job to go to in the morning :D
  20. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Bisley - most RNR mobilisations aren't with FPGRM - we've got plenty of other people in other parts too. Once you add in the problem of sustaining the reserves for the long haul (namely legislation preventing mobilisation more than once every 3 years) then the numbers drop quickly.

    People have to remember that the RNR is either a one shot "get everyone going" or a long haul "drip feed". Its a lot harder to sustain this effort as getting 30-40 volunteers every 6 months is more difficult than it sounds. This is not a drip, but a reflection of the difficulties faced in generating reservists.

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