"UK And France To Collaborate On Anti-Ship Missile"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. Ah yes, the eagerly awaited anglo-french missile that has a 50 clove garlic warhead and is powered by chip fat!
  2. Probably go the same way as all other anglo projects

    Way behind time, way over budget, does not actually do want we want it to do and of course

    it never actually gets to be produced because of in fighting between the countrys involved

    or was that the euro fighter

    or was it the euro frigate/carrier

    someone will make billions out of this again
  3. em! I hate to say it but I think your right, sharholder's will always win when it comes to defence contrats.
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just a racket to spend taxpayers' money to try to buy the friendship of the Frogs which isn't there to be had - for the Frogs it's a way of getting the mugs across the Channel to subsidise one of their anti-American ego trips.
  5. got a son who is high up in the Electronic warfare Dept[in his section he is head electronic engineer] this is directly owned by the French group Thomson.
    He says they are pretty good at electronics but they still pick the brains of the British engineers for ideas then pinch them back to France.
    They are co-operating for the benefit of themselves and no-one else.
    He says the amount of Britsh know- how in his section alone that travels back to France is considerable.
    our defence should ALL be in British hands, we were the best at inventions.
    BTW so should GAS,Electric,Water etc and I'm not a socialist!
    I despair of the cash wasted on dictators and benefits for scoungers,illegals etc while our industries go to the wall and are snapped up by other countries.
    Still Blair got his millions!so why should he care?He's a fanatic Francophile and proved it by giving away our deserved rebate so hard won.
  6. Careful of those comments as you may get noticed and be put on the list for "Common Purpose" brainwash...., sorry, .... training ....
  7. Snigger... French to collaborate... Snigger.

    Please, please, please make the first firing on Trafalgar Day. That would be nice.
  8. thanks for the warning! I've got cancer so is it possible I really give a shit whatever someone tries to dictate to me?
    Got to say what I think now and I know what my son tells me,we are being shagged under the guise of supposed friendship.Never happens with the French,we mutually loathe each other and that suits me.
    Did a big exercise with all the MTB's from Europe[where incidently I captained the rifle team that won the shooting cup and stuffed all the other nations].Afterwards no-one would socialise with the French sailors,Norwegians,Dutch,Swedish even the Germans told them to feck off.
    I sort of admire the way they have built up a fantastic railway,airline,car industry whilst doing it with our cash!
    But that's because we are soft in government yet the worlds best in Military terms.
    Stand on our own and build our own stuff is my opinion,we could have built a new carrier for the price of the Dome,says it all really.

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