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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by kirsty_louise, May 13, 2010.

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  1. Needing the UIM code for Stanley Barracks, Bovington lads?

    Can anyone help?
  2. KL

    Can you clarify exactly what it is you need please?
  3. Try giving this number a ring 01929 403172. It's the Royal Naval School of recruiting in Stanley Barracks.


  4. the UIM code for Stanley Barracks, bovington....

    Ok how can i describe it.... when you get your assingment order through JPA you normally have the address of where you have to report to and then the UIM code under that...

    My OH cant get it because hes in windosr at this tattoo shin dig and welfare arent being to helpful :(
  5. Problem solved guys, thanks for your help :)
  6. kirsty_louise.

    Off topic, but I'm sure that I speak on behalf of most/all at RR by posting:

    "All our best wishes for you and your Royal Bridegroom for your Wedding Day on Saturday week, 22nd May.

    Heres hoping that you both have a memorable day with a long, happy and fulfilling marriage to follow.

    XX XX "

    Bob (Today - Just a silly sentimental old b****** :wink: )

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