Uh oh!! The DV's here

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ChickFunk, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Just got paperwork through from the office.

    Had a browse through, and oh boy im going to have a lot of questions here.

    Because im only 17, what should i do about personal references. I have to give one from within my "pier group" so should i ask my best (most mature) friend to act as this? Especially since it seems she may need an interveiw?

    This could take a while.....
  2. Have PM'd you ChickFunk
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, they are sending out DV forms for CT's before they join. They're fun aren't they? A bit more involved than the 21 page Security Questionnare.

    Seriously, they will most likely interview a peer-group associate, so do choose carefully as it's important they gain a true picture of what you like. They ask some very searching questions- your referee must simply be 100% honest.
  4. Couldn't agree more Ninja, I've had a DV (and previous names) since 85 and always go into the interviews thinking (probably correctly) that they know more about me than what I do!!
  5. tbh I found being a referee even worse than the DV interview itself.

    One suggestion would be to photocopy them before sending them in.
  6. Thanks everyone who's PM'd and replyed in less then an hour!

    With the interveiws, where can i and my referee's expect to be asked to go to attend them?

    Also one of my brothers is in the army, will he get a quick chat on base about me? Just i need to ask him a few details like addres and all.

    Now i need to go ask mum about dads death : / third time for a security clearence.
  7. Ok, first hurdle:

    how do I fill in my brother percy's address as he's currently with British forces Germany:

    I have the details but which bits go where?

    I have: house/flat number, house name, street, district, town, county/region, and country.

    I know the BFPO is a simple post code though! hoorah!
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Best bet is identify which areas you are having snags with and call your Careers Adviser to answer your queries.... it's quicker than answering 49 pages of questions individually.

    You should have received a covering letter of guidance from the "head CT training honcho" (MR "X", 3rd cubicle on the left, knock twice, wait for flushing sound...) at SCU Leydene with a contact number (Top right) for any queries your AFCO are stumped with.
  9. To be honest chickfunk, I doubt they'll speak to your brother at all. I've held a DV for a few years now (though not as long as Chaz ;-) ) and I've never known them speak to a family member.

    Just to reiterate what everyone else on here has said, as long as you and your referees tell the truth, you'll be absolutely fine.
  10. Hello
    I'm also hopefully joining as a CT and have just received the DV clearance questionnaire. Wow it's pretty thorough. I'm struggling with the references at the moment, trying to think of someone who I used to work with, who would prove suitable to put down as a referee. The other two I have sorted, my best friend and my old flatmate. Are they likely to interview an old work colleague?
  11. Sorry, but I don't care how young you are, you must be ferking kidding me :rambo:
  12. Okay, it's long but it's only a bloody form. It cannot be that hard to fill in. Use your brains and just fill it in. As for which friends to put down ..... mmm let me see .... my mate who's always in trouble with the law or the one I used to attend chess club with ?
  13. Why bother reading that when you can come on here and be coached through it?
  14. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    As reiterated, when you fill in the DV Forms, make sure you give contacts for people who are going to be 100% honest. When you are filling in the forms-TELL ALL THE TRUTH AND DO NOT HOLD ANYTHING BACK.

    Trust me, there are people holding DV's who have got some serious snags (cough, cough, not me :oops: ) and if you lie to the DVA, then you will not obtain the necessary clearance.

    I am in a position currently where I see a lot of this happening-Squirrel knows what I'm on about!
  15. Wow harry, when I followed your advice a day before you submitted it every thing became clear! Kudo's

    Seriously though everyone; thanks :thumright:

    I guess I'll need some somthing stronger then coffee for the "Vet" who has to interview me! Whiskey? Rum? Poor bloke/lass wont know what he's got him/her self into...

    Hitcher, shall probably see you soon!
  16. do they ask everyone for personnal references as i havn't came across it before?
  17. On a DV questionare you will be asked to provide details of 3 references. They DVA may or may not decide to contact them.
  18. k,btw what does DV stand for
  19. if he is knitting a jumper you know he is a real vet so your interview will be a breeze
    best of luck hope it goes well
  20. mt dva only asked for my car registration and MOT Number and the tax was issued in 4 days


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