Ugly Naval Wife Found Guilty

Not only has this woman overdosed on ugly pills, she has then had the full Rodney King workout with the ugly stick.
However, 2 AM in Jo's - she'd probably get it!
Stripey_G said:
They say that everyone has a that thing hasn't....Nature wouldn't make the same mistake twice!!!!! second thoughts..

What a DOG!!!!!!!!!
Wasn't that at the Marlborough Club bop a couple of years ago?
@Maeday - Having sight of you just reading this 10 year old thread I do hope that you realise 'twas all just a spoof?

(The clue was "Diamond Lils" but your intended, if true to the blue, will surely deny all knowledge of such a place.)

BTW - Cute Avatar BTW :WINK: :WINK:

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