Ugly Naval Wife Found Guilty

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by HarryBosch, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. Chemical Kate Found Guilty

    A navy wife has been found guilty of trying to seduce her sailor husband by slipping anti-freeze into his curry.

    A jury at Pompey Crown Court found ‘chemical Kate’ Knight, 28, guilty of the attempted seduction of husband Lee at their married pad in Portsmouth.

    CPO Knight, a decorated Gulf veteran now suffers from brain damage, blindness, partial deafness, bed-wetting and requires 24-hour care. “I don't think I'll ever be able to protect the Shat al-Arab waterway again", he said.

    On the night of the couple's seventh wedding anniversary, Kinky Kate put on her sauciest outfit, cooked her hero husband a curry and served him red wine - both of which had been laced with VODKA, the chemical name for anti-freeze.

    Under cross examination, Kooky Kate blamed her husband's poor tolerance for anti-freeze on his time spent in the searing heat of Afghanistan while attached to the Royal Marines as a ET(ME)(VM ).

    Outside the court, Sgt ‘Pepper’ Band said: "This highly unusual case posed a number of investigative challenges. Despite the weight of evidence against her, Katie remains a beautiful person in her own right. However, in this instance her seduction technique was cold and calculated and almost caused the death of a decorated veteran whose blindness is a life sentence in itself - he will never be able to properly visit educational sites such as ever again."

    Read the full story here at the BBC

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  2. Re: Horny Naval Wife Found Guilty

    Sick Harry, sick.....!!! :tp: PMSL......
  3. Re: Horny Naval Wife Found Guilty

    And there was me thinking she was really Brazenhussey!
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I think I'd rather drink anti freeze than shag that horropig.......mind you great photo for the gronks board.
  5. Re: Horny Naval Wife Found Guilty

    ex bloody cuse me...................................
  6. Simple really..
    Don't buy Aldi own brand vodka..
  7. I was just going to write exactly the same thing w_b! Less so on the great photo part... she really did get hit with ugly bat!
  8. A real navy wife would know to call it AL-39.
  9. she fell out the ugly tree hitting every branch on the way down!

    So un-PC, so much fun!
  10. There was me about to get my rifle out, thinking it was a moose.
  11. No mate your not's definately a moose!!
  12. Not withstanding my last, given enough booze, say about a crate of Grolsch plus a swig or three of Pussers Rum, who knows maybe I would give it one. Or on second thoughts WB is right, better the anti freeze than that.
  13. This story has been trudging on for a number of weeks in the midlands area and this horror is repeatedly shown outside of the courthouse posing to the cameras. I say a lethal dose personally but if you gave her one you would probably get one of those aswell. Question. How do you get a fat bird into bed?? Answer. Piece of cake!! :thumright:
  14. She's not that ugly really if you kind of half shut your eyes and squint.
    Wonder if she has a packet of OMO in the mq window :pukel:
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  15. There no need for OMO mate her old man is deaf and blind now so wont hear any random blokes approaching anyway!!
  16. Excuse me.... chocolate moose is tasty. Chocolate mousse tastes even better! :razz:

    PS: Sorry Brazen! :ufo:
  17. Choosy bastards :rendeer:
  18. It's everybodys right to be ugly, but she abuses the privilege...
  19. They say that everyone has a that thing hasn't....Nature wouldn't make the same mistake twice!!!!! second thoughts..


    What a DOG!!!!!!!!!
  20. Loadsawimmen murder their hubbies. That's OK. Being a gronk isn't OK. (Speaks the maleish gronk itself :oops: )

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