Ugly / Insecure, marry a Thai woman

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by NotmeChief, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. I was reading an article that shows the reason there is an influx of western men into Thailand is to trap a prostitute to marry and bring home. It says the only western men that do this are those that are insecure and too ugly to get a western woman.

    The women that walk the streets are desperate for anyone that will take them out of the country so will put up with western rejects that are easily conned into thinking someone loves them, usually men that have never had a real woman and spent their life masturbating over porn.

    It goes without saying that I am married to a gorgeous English rose.
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  2. wal

    wal Badgeman

    Ain't we all.
  3. Are you really that thick that someone had to point that out for you?

    This documentary might provide some more enlightenment for you.

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  4. Wonder what it's like to be at the bottom of the shit pile and have to marry some slapper from abroad because no one in your own country will. It would seem it is the same men that were bullied at school and know they can't keep up with the intellectual prowess of a UK girl.
  5. I don't think that "intellectual prowess" is dependent on nationality!
  6. Ok, Uk girls have greater sense of proportionallity and aren't so stupid.
  7. Bollocks. How does trapping a rich or powerful man signify a woman who is stupid or has no sense of proportionality?

    A natural extension of your argument would be that Kate Middleton (as was) must have been stupid to court and marry Prince William. What does support your argument is that your wife (an English Rose, as opposed to a Vietnam Rose) must be thick to put up with you.
  8. Like Jane Goody you mean?
  9. Or even Jade Goody?
  10. Someone's fishing.
    Unfortunately, NMC, you've already come across as too much of a twat to be credible.
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  11. What a load of bollocks. :p
  12. He is Dudley Punt, and I claim my ฿32.
  13. Jusr realised what NMC said in his post, "to trap a prostitute".

    If you regard copping off with a prozzie trapping then your run ahore skills must be absolute shite.
  14. I got a week worth of freebie fucks from a hoebag in Bangkok because I promised her I'd take her to England and marry her.

    The site of her crying at the dockyard gates with her bags packed while the Thai MPs pushed her away will stay with me forever.

    Happy days.
  15. I saw what you did there! :laughing2:
  16. Are these the proportions you are after?

  17. I hope your joking "intellectual prowess of a UK girl" have you been ashore recently
  18. He will argue the toss until backed into a corner, then announce that it was all a big wind-up.
  19. NMC is just a stupid cunt who needs to get out more.

    I returned from Bangkok (miles and miles of vertical smiles) yesterday having travelled there from Laos. Trouble is when some people see a white geezer with an Asian bird they automatically think they are ex-hookers. What they generally are are pleasant, good mannered, excellent cooks and FEMININE. I'm not saying that English birds aren't but there are a lot of slags around in the current crop. Last time in UK to see my dear ol' Mum I watched the Jeremy Vine show; it reminded me why I came out here when I left the mob in '94 and have lived here or HK ever since.

    Those women on that show :eek:mg: :snorting: :puker:

    That was a dumbshit article written by some prick who has probably not been further than Dover. Cultures are different around the world; in parts of China and Japan (sumo) some of the women prefer fat blokes because it means power or riches to them. In Africa the blokes like fat birds (which is probably why their men go to UK) with big arses. Each to their own NMC, you Pillock.

    And you get zero points for a bite, as has already been said.
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