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Im currently in the merchant navy and I am working towards a foundation degree in Marine Engineering, I am interested in applying for the UGAS scheme as a ET(MESM). I believe this scheme gives you a Foundation Degree in Marine Engineering so if I was to already have one would this bring about any problems and would I still be able to apply for the scheme? Also im due to go back to see in September for 4 months would it be worth applying now or waiting until I get back from sea?

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You also get a full BEng (Hons) degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering or Electronic Systems.

I can't fathom (pardon the pun) why an engineering graduate would want to repeat an identica degree to be honest - you are best off calling the helpline to verify eligibility as a graduate joining an undergraduate apprentice scheme.
  • You’ll need to be aged 18-34 on entry
  • A minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including English Language, Mathematics and at least one science
  • A minimum of 48 UCAS points from qualifications (such as BTEC and A-levels) in Mathematics, Science or Engineering
  • You need to be a minimum height of 157cm and within the healthy range for Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • You must be a British National
Have a careful read:
Aye its the mechanical and manufacturing engineering degree that i'm after as well as the nuclear reactor experience, I don't really want to do the marine engineering FD again. But I know it does state that you can earn either an FD in marine or electrical engineering, so do you reckon they would just let me do the electrical engineering FD? Which is what I would want.


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I would think getting an assurance that you’ll go down the electrical route will be problematic.

The FD degree is awarded from completing professional training to be a CAT B nuclear watchkeeper so already having one wouldn’t matter, you still need to do the training.

As I understand it UGAS entrants aren’t streamed MESM or WESM until after entry, though I very doubt with your background that you would be selected WESM. But, as with many things RN, Service needs take precedence and if they need you to go down the mechanical route that’s where you’ll go. It’s a risk you’d have accept.

Ask yourself the question, if I don’t get my preference and am streamed mechanical is it the end of the world? A lot of the academic side will be a repeat of what you’ve done before, but the nuclear stuff won’t be. There was a guy on my HND course that already has the qualification, but wanted to be a Weapons Engineer rather than what he was doing as a civvy so for him it was worth repeating it.

Plus you have the guaranteed place at university to take your FD to a BEng and the opportunity to sit the AIB and potentially commission as a MESM Officer.

It’s got to be worth a chat at the AFCO though surely? That costs nothing and will help you come to a decision.
Aye I completely understand, was planning on going to the AFCO in a couple of weeks just wanted to see what others opinions and knowledge were.

Thanks for your opinion appreciate it.


Silly question my son going up for his ugas interview next week will he be picked up from train station or does he find his own way to camp


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Silly question my son going up for his ugas interview next week will he be picked up from train station or does he find his own way to camp
If the interviews are still being conducted during RNAC then there will be a minibus at the station to collect everyone

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