UGAS qualifications


Hey, everyone.

I'm currently enrolled on an Access to HE course in science (equally weighted between biology, chemistry and physics) so I can get on the UGAS scheme. I've read and re-read the information provided on the RN website, I've spoken to the careers office, etc., but I'd appreciate anyone's insight!

Many thanks.


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In general university degree access courses aren't usually accepted in lieu of the basic UCAS requirement for RN/RM specialisations that require the A Level or BTEC Level 3-equivalant. That said, some HND/HNC courses are accepted depending on grades and academic relevance.

The only way to find out for certain is to get a copy of your specific course content and qualification title and either scan and emal or take copies to your AFCO so they can be verified by the AIB/Engineeering Branch Manager.

UGAS applicants need NQF Level 2 in 5 subjects (including Maths, English and at least one Science), plus:
A Minimum of 160 UCAS points from a Level 3 STEM qualification in an Engineering, Maths or a physical science discipline

Gut feeling? Probably not, but worth an ask if you meet the GCSEs, Nationality, Residency an the age parameters for entry for UGAS.


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I originally applied for UGAS but even with 10 years apprentice trained engineering experience, lv2&3 NVQ's in engineering, intermediate and advanced certificates of training and the required lv2 key skills quals I couldn't even get a shot at it. That being said with the conventional route and going through Fast Track you can get to be a qualified LET almost as fast as a UGAS