UGAS PRNC and interview

Hi guys,
I’ve got my PRNC on the 21st May and I’m pretty sure I’m prepared for all of what that entails but there doesn’t seem to be much information on the interview part of the UGAS selection out there and wondered if there was anyone who has been through it who could shed some light on it.
Cheers in advance
I actually found that post right after posting the question like numpty, thanks though. Got my email from the wo1 running the show the other day. I only wonder how in depth do you need to know about all the systems or do you just need to know they exist and a basic view of what they do?


It's a basic understanding really, although I'd try and learn as much as you can. Reason being, if you appear that you've clearly attempted to learn about weapons and a nuclear steam plant (basic) then it stands you out as being committed.

From what I've learnt so far, being part of the program takes dedication and a commitment to learn more. If you prove that you can learn about the basics now, it makes it an easier decision for them to pick you.