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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Nails, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Being a cage fighter myself I am very excited to see this coming out. I downloaded the demo and it's brilliant. Really realistic. I dunno if any Marines would be interested in it as their unarmed combat is rather unrealistic (see my thread on this) but those of us interested in REAL fighting should check it out.
  2. How much does it cost please, in pounds and euros?
  3. Can I ask if that as you shit when running, whilst being chased around the cage "Does it get messy"?
  4. The only cage fighting you do is with your hamster in its cage
  5. And then with all the coke he's bought he dips their paws in the stuff and shoves them up his ********.
  6. When i try to download the demo, it says installation failed!!!

    mind you, i have had the ps3 for a while
  7. Thats what it said for me, i am just gonna wait till friday, it looks pretty good
  8. Sounds like a network issue as opposed to a ps3 issue. Have you checked your routers and made sure you IP address is on default. Also, check that the ISP is set to "automatic". I used to work in tech support and we had these problems arise every day.
  9. That may be the problem!!!, it only happens to a few demos, also Fifa 09 wont let me play ranked games!!, but games such as GTA 4 work fine!!

    I might look at treviews on the net and decide if i want it, i would rather wait for fight night round 4, round 3 was great!!!

    i cant be bothed to mess around with my network, ill only mess it up!!!
  10. I have had a look at the reviews, i think i am going to hold back for FNR4
  11. UFC has had a good rewiew on gamespy, so deffo gonna get it.
    What is FNR4 ?
  12. Fight Night Round 4, Fignt Night round 3 was brill, am gunna have to get FNR4 sometime, COD Modern Warfare 2 is out in November, but i will be at basic
  13. UFC 98 tomorrow, can't bloody wait. Hoping Serra will destroy Hughes as he is a dick, although the old fart is retiring so hopefully he'll get tired quick and Serra will have chance to pound his head or submit at least.. Evans / Machida I reckon will be a 3-round chess match.. Looking forward to seeing Soszynski fight again too. will go for a shit or something when Kaplan fights, his ill-proportioned head / legs / can't tell which, irritate the hell out of me, plus I don't find his fighting that exciting to watch - with a bit of luck Roop will put him to bed.

    No comment on the ps3 demo, not into computer games.
  14. Go and buy the original Dreamcast version - its about a quid on ebay these days!
  15. What if you don't own a dreamcast?

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