Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Canaldrifter, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. That site has been like that for several years,despite several e mails i have had no response from them at all,so i guess its dead.
  2. He is renewing the fee:

    Jeremy Parkes

    Registered on: 29-Oct-2000
    Renewal date: 29-Oct-2012
    Last updated: 29-Nov-2010

    So assume he is still interested in getting it up and running.
  3. He probably wouldn't include suck backs and blow backs anyway.

  4. What about cheating? How can you play uckers and not cheat massively?!
  5. Back in in 1982, I made an uckers board out of ply, sawed up a broom handle, painted it all up, even made oversized dice.

    We played a lot in our family till I first went up-tables (with full justification I might add). The then Mrs Drifter who was winning, broke the board over me head (Ouch!) and threw the whole lot on the fire.

    I burned quite well.


  6. It's not cheating ....... it is planned strategy !!
  7. I always thought the stock answer if caught cheating was to say its WAFU's rules if that doesn't work, then UP BOARD
  8. Sadly WAFU's rules and Up-Boards were rules predominately followed by both the Fleet Air Arm and Portsmouth Command Field Guns Crews (a sort of bastardised rules) which were taken from the Devonport Command Uckers rule book. The original book on the rules and regulations for playing uckers now lies in St Nicholas Church HMS DRAKE. (If it's still there).
    The game of Uckers was invented by the demented son of a Polish miner
    who later enlisted in the RN at Devonport. :wink: As with all things Pusser it is only Devonport rates who play by the rules :wink:
  9. I feel a pilgrimage coming on.

  10. Sorry to be the spoiler of all those happy family memories, but I must point out that you've fcuked your board up shippers. The blue is meant to be opposite the green and the red is meant to be opposite the yellow.

    I suppose it's not as bad as my mate MEM J Lo***'s attempt at a board. He spent weeks making it from brass, using enamel paint and engraving it. It was a thing of beauty and it looked magnificent.

    Then we attempted to play on it and realised the dumb fcuker hadn't put enough squares on it, with only four squares in the pipe instead of the regulation five.

    Once ya blues!
  11. I couldn't nick any decent green paint at the time. It came out almost black, and that wouldn't have looked so good opposite the blue.

    But I take your point. It's a bit like rearranging the compass points to:

    S W

  12. Tone

    What about making yourself a new board in the New Year?
  13. Got any good ideas for the rest of us?

    Bonne fin d'année à tous.
  14. I'd Uff you given half a chance
  15. Uff orf! Never miss a thing, me!

  16. I'm already working on that. Problem is I've only got black, lilac, and two tones of purple paint (same as my boat)!

    Reckon we could get some funny looks playing uckers in those colours!

  17. Just to update you,ROMFT now has online uckers.Multiplayer online live uckers is currently in deveopment.We are at Beta Stage at present so we havent integrated any optional rules yet,but they will come.

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