Discussion in 'Gaming' started by witsend, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  2. Have registered and also told them that WAFU's and amatuers like 2deck have a propensity for up ending the board! :wink:
  3. Just registered, def need a tab for back of the board to record 8 piece dickings
  4. Can't wait - online uckers - bring it on!
  5. Dont hold your breath,its been at this stage for over 2 years now with no progress,i have sent no end of emails and had bugger all back.
  6. I'm signed up, bring on the six throwing bastards!!
  7. but how can u do a virtual up table when u got an eight piece mixy?? :( :(
  8. Cock. Just because you got 8 pieced by a no badge steward on the massive, you have had this chip on your shoulder ever since. :D
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    The little X, top right hand side of the screen.
  10. 2 Deck, do you offer Residential Uckers Instruction to Uckers-Nozzers?
  11. Regretably 2 Deck was banned from teaching or playing the noble game of Uckers. This was due entirely for his constant tirades when eight pieced, which were very frequent, The Court of Inquiry found him to be in breech of all the rules all of the time. Sometimes he achieved this noteririty just by entering the messdeck. So bad were his sulks when eight pieced he would often need councelling by the Chief bosuns mate! He is an adept cheat and has never bought his mother any flowers.
    Keep well away from his ilk Steve.
    PS. He runs an E-Bay shop which proports to sell Used Uckers Boards which have been played upon by the great grand masters of the game, such as Wits, Wrecker, Rumrat and even myself. :wink:
  12. That court of enquiry was unfair and you know it! It's true I may have been banned from playing WAFU and Submariner Uckers, but I am still a well respected player in the traditional echelons of the game. I am only trying to do what's right for this sport. Renegades such as yourself should be ashamed of the state you have allowed it to get into. Lets not forget what happened at the 2003 convension, people lost limbs that day because of the dangerous practices so called 'experts' like yourself were imposing. You and the others were bang out of line that day and you know it.
  13. :D :D Nicely stitched! :wink: :wink:
  14. What a ridiculous defence you mounted at that hearing.
    Things like "I couldn't get enough spin on the counters " and I was playing into the wind were not helpful.
    Next time take up the offer I made as to the instruction classes.

    Yes I know a back flip from the wardrobe guaranteeing landing on wet spots is not in the orthodox rule book but we could have argued it in and brightened up the game. Thereby taking advantage of mixy blob ships companies.
    I was attempting to make the suck back rule more 2020ish. :roll: :wink:
  15. Suck backs!!! Suck backs FFS, I thought you played Uckers, bet you went for sideswipes as well, 6 throwing timber shifting cnut :evil: :evil:
  16. And all done with the ease and style of a maintop loafer :wink: :wink:
  17. :evil: "stomps off to upper bunkspace muttering dire threats and curses"
  18. So I presume this is still the case? Their website has a copyright of 2007 so that matches up with your experience. Besides, I believe there have been many attempts to market the game in some form or other over the years and all have failed because of the copyrighted Ludo connection. I suspect that this website has discovered the the same issue. Shame really as I used to play a mean game and would love to re-live those all-conquering days (undisputed HMS Sheffield Comms Mess champion 1989, negative suckbacks/sideswipes or any other dirty cheating WAFFU rules)!
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    A regional player, we welcome you to the hardcore. :wink:

    2 deck has broke away from the association and his pupils will pay the price in the future. :roll:
  20. Wrecker you cantankerous muttering old bucket of monkey spunk, I do not advocate suck back or sideswipe rules. I do advocate that if playing with a female sailor(Uckers that is) that a suck off rule be introduced.
    If you have erected(I love that word) her pieces into a mixy blob, that she be allowed to give a suck off and throw twenty consecutive sevens to be given at least a sporting chance. 8O :twisted: :roll: :wink:

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