Right, despite being in the mob for six years and three months, I never learnt how to play uckers. I once made a board and some counters during a six monther out in Iraq due to boredom, Yet I never learnt the rules being more of a chess man myself.

Anyone care to enlighten me?


Lantern Swinger
wikipeadia rules are pretty basic, but give you a good start... the rest are probably local/branch variations? Seems they changed over the ages too (No I hear you cry?) I was mentioning uckers to a friend whose father was ex-RN and who used to talk all the time about the game, and the phrase "Syph on your Donk"... and he's sure he was talking about game rules!!! (Can anyone cast any light on that?... or why this is under Current Affairs?)
Having an nationally agreed Pusser version would help in any future campaign to have it recognised as an Olympic sport... like Chess: Pongos vs Matelos: who'd get the first Gold I wonder? :D