Uckers rules.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by andym, May 5, 2016.

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  1. I am working on a Project for an Online Uckers Game and a real Uckers Tournament to be held somewhere central.There will be a Cash Prize for the winners of possibly around £1000.To that aim we need a "standard" set of Uckers Rules(that's in hand already)along with other "variants" of Uckers.So if any of you have or know where we can get these "Variant" rules please use this Thread.

    Cheers Chaps.
  2. Well there's standard and there's wafus.

    Ready for our wafu friends to comment.......

  3. Never had time to play, too busy getting the aircraft ready to go and get your mail ;)
  4. Just spat my tea all over my computer :D
  5. No charge JFH :)
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  6. Mate, getting the mail takes a few hours, queuing up for a cheesy Hammy Eggy and a 3 mile detours due to some fishead stuff going on (Damage control exercise I think they call it) then its back out to do the 8 hours maintenance required per flying hour :)

    You know the score, the washing up takes longer than the cooking.
  7. I thought you guys always pulled out the watchkeepers scran card to prevent queuing!
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  8. Shhhhhh ;)
  9. Will we all need to fit a miniature hydraulic ram underneath our computers so that 'up boarding' can be replicated?
  10. Wrecker you forget sleeping when the sun is not out
  11. I haven't said nuffink o_O
  12. Working 8 about even when the ships company aren't takes its toll :)

    That's why we have Holiday Camps AKA Air Stations for the well deserved rest.
  13. Dont forget the mandatory shake the hanger services WE senior rate (me) at silly oclock because one of the hanger lights is not working.
    Was working, you just wanted independent verification that you were awake.
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  14. Not any more . . .


    Unless you cooked with this . . .

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