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Now I know.. ahem.... Crown & Anchor has been banned in the RN since Noah was an OD but given the ever increasing interservice service than now goes on, has Uckers, Mess Tombola and other pursuits crossed the divide and to what extent?
Years ago Combined Ops Unit guys were the only "Others" who played and knew the rules.


Uckers was certainly tri-service in JSSU(Cyprus), although the light blue and pongo's did take a while to understand that you shouldn't have to take off pieces unless really neccessary.

For those ex-Navy who miss it, a chance to own your own board:



Lantern Swinger
Spent a couple of years out in SHAPE late 80's early 90s. Spent some happy afternoons in the Brit Bar teaching our green and light blue bretheren the finer points of uckers, then taking lots of beer from them when they thought they were good enough. Happy Days


Lantern Swinger
I make my own out of square metre MDF which makes a big FO board, tiddly edge it with picture framing, cut the pieces from a broom handle and make the die from 1 inch PAR hardwood. I paste the BR4006 offical rules on the back of the board or alternately paint the other side balck and white squares for Chess or Draughts, the draught pieces also being cut from the broom handle. Carefully painted they make great pressies.
If you paste the rules on the back of the board, and you are in a tight position, what stops you upending the board smacking you in the mouth and saying ` I want to read the rules?` :w00t:
I will now admit that I simply didn't have the brains to assimilate the nuances of Uckers. I always sat on the sidelines admiring the "mixy blobs" and other arcane bits of the great game, but never had the balls to play the game with the big boys. One day, before I shuffle off the mortal coil, I will learn all about it. LUDO! HA!


We had an Uckers league at RAF Changi in '69-'70. One epic match started in the E&I crew room, moved into the village at The Europa Bar and made a final move downtown to the Malaysia Hotel before finally finishing with victory for E&I over Hercules 2nd Line at around 03:30.
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