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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by seisobs, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. looking for plans / drawing to make an Uckers board. A bit boring out here on this raft.
  2. The Uckers board ( Devonport Command Version) and the only one granted a Royal Charter and approved by their Lordships at the Admiralty follows the exact same pattern as the standard Ludo Board.
    The pieces can be made from a pussers broom handle four tits per colour.
    Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.
    Subtle variations to the colours may be tried to camoflage the board if necessary.
    A better game can be had if General Service rules are applied, should be clarified before game commences. ie. Suck backs, blow throughs and Snake eyes all out.
    Timber shifting is the most heineous of crimes (if caught) the last person to be caught timber shifting in the Inter Command Championships was a man called "Jimmy" sometimes resident on these forums. He was exiled to Australia! If needed will forward you the approved version. :wink:
  3. sorry if this is a silly question .....what is an uckers board??
  4. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=uckers

  5. cheers looks like an alright board game
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can't beat 8 piecing someone and putting there name on the back of the board. Grim when your 8 pieced and can't get a rematch.
  7. That would have been some mixy blob! :wink:
  8. Don't matelots make their own Uckers Boards now? The slippery road to anarchy has started.! :lol:
  9. My older bro Ex RO not long ago made an uckers board. We oftern have a game when we visit each other
  10. Best is when you 8 piece someone and they up board :lol:
  11. Serious enquiry from an old fart.
    We used to entertain ourselves with the aforementioned 'Uckers', many types of card games, dominoes and we also TV in some of the newer ships; one I served on even had a dartboard (never any volunteers for scorer though).
    Question is, what does today's 'jack' do whilst cooked up on patrol? Has technology finally kicked the old forms of entertainment in to touch?
    I know we'll probably get some wisearse comments but there may be a few genuine replies. :wink:
  12. From personal experience, watch DVD's on laptops and personal DVD players or the mess DVD player and fcuking boring it was too :evil:

    edited to add computer games as well
  13. DVD's. Mmm. I would think that's probably one of the top activities then? I can see why that'd be boring. So no uckers then? I wonder if it'll be revived. It was a bloody ancient game when we played it in the 60's/70's.
    I forgot to add that we had nightly (at least I think they were nightly) films in the dining mess.
  14. That says a game for two to four players. As far as I remember, the whole bleedin mess used to be in on it cheering, shoulting and egging on.
  15. I suppose a games night these days would consist of Nintendo, X box and Playstation...up boarding could be quite expensive sending a Playstation across the mess..
  16. I have seen some of the best flashes because of an uckers board, esp when I chopped up the CBM broom up to make new pieces, but the game is massively underrated! Been replaced by DVD players and laptops. Sad times.
  17. Its as close to a blood sport without hounds.

    'Up board'. :lol: :lol: :wink:

  18. shutup shitsend
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    And good morning to you too fatmong. Who rattled your cubby little cage? Been out for a dance and got blew out by a fat chick who refused to lie under your sweaty gut? Thought you would buy yourself a kebab for a spot of comfort eating, but the truk would'nt serve you? Straight home to mums and on to the interporn.

    Good one fatmong. :roll:

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