Hi there,

I am looking for some clarification regarding the UCAS points for Officer Entry.

Firstly... a bit about my Sixth Form background!!

I decided to do the first year of A Levels again as I did not do well enough (got grade E's) last year. I have now completed AS (Year 12) again and feel I have done much better (apart from Maths which I will come to later in my post!!!).

Now, last year I achieved an AS level in General studies, and I got a grade B which is equivalent to 50 UCAS points.

Does this count towards the UCAS points for Officer Entry as I know some Universities do not accept it?

Also, Next year (when I complete A2) I am going to be dropping Maths (if I do as badly as I think I have!) and do AS and A2 ICT (which is actually a BTEC National Diploma) in one year.

I have already filled the Application for Entry into the Naval Service and stated the subjects I did in Year 12 (AS LEVELS). If, come results day, I get a low grade in Maths and I do decide to drop it and do the IT BTEC National Diploma, what would be the process I would go through with the AFCO?

Would I phone them and tell them the situation?
Would I let them know now?

Also (I'm almost done now I promise!!), would it be a possibility that everything would be completed (i.e. I would do the AIB) next academic year and then come results day (in 2011 after I have completed A2) I would then await my BRNC date?

Quite confused as at present I do not actually have the AS/A2/BTECs to warrant me taking the AIB do I?

Please Help - and Thank you if you managed to get your head around all of that as my brain hurts just writing it!

I would phone the AFCO but they would hang up on me after saying all of that!!



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The best advice is to simply take the certificates held to your AFCO for verification, via the AIB if needs be.

For Officer selction, as well as 5 GCSE's A-C(including Maths & English)
the minimum standard for UCAS points is 180 UCAS points, subject to certain constraints.

The minimum standard for non-graduate Officer entry to the Royal Navy is subject to the constraints that:

1. the total must include at least two non-overlapping subject areas;
2. each subject must be allocated at least 45 UCAS points;
3. If unsure of overlapping subject areas AIB should be contacted.
4. There should not be a break in excess of 13 months between GCSE's, AS & A Levels respectively.

The minimum for each subject is 45 UCAS points so the following will no longer acceptable:

1. A-Level Grade E;
2. AS-level GradeC;
3. Scottish Higher Grade D;
4. Scottish Intermediate any grade.

The full UCAS points tariff, showing equivalent qualifications, is available at UCAS.com

You cannot add AS & A level UCAS points in the same subject & the subjects must include at least two non-overlapping subjects scoring over 45.

The grades that count are:

A Level/Advanced Highers: A=120, B=100, C=80, D=60
AS Levels: A=60, B=50
Scottish Highers: A=72, B=60, C=48


Candidates offering BTEC Certificates and Diplomas, at level 3 and above, will now be accepted as satisfying the non-overlapping requirement, but the minimum acceptable standards for these qualifications are now as follows:

BTEC Certificate Distinction, Merit - anything less does not count
BTEC Diploma Merit, Merit, Merit - anything less does not count

The minimum standard for A levels remains 180 UCAS points, with at least two non-overlapping subjects. Other Level 3 qualifications will be dealt with under existing policy on a case by case basis.

BTECs Certificates are only valid at level 3 (Distinction, Merit grade pass or better).

All BTECs, HNDs must be verified by the Admiralty Interview Board as accepted non-overlapping subjects of sufficient academic content.



Thanks a lot Ninja - helped a lot - I know now to definitely drop Maths.
Especially as even this AS won't count if I get under a C! :(

I will be aiming for Distinction in the IT BTEC Diploma so that should be fine along with Physics and Systems & Control + my additional AS in General Studies.

Again, Thanks so much for clarifying this information as the RN website has limited detail.


I know this is old but would the Welsh Baccalaureate (Worth 120 UCAS points) count?

My grades are
Maths - E
Physics - D
Computing - B
Welsh Bac - pass
Worth 300 UCAS in total, but if the E doesn't count that's 240, and if the Welsh Bac doesn't I don't have enough.

And studying BSc Computer forensics.


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Those with mixed exams at A Level & accepted equivalent must have them verified by AIB via their AFCO.

The E doesn't count & the academic content of the Welsh Bacc needs to be verified.

Best of luck - it's certainly worth getting them checked.



I'm new to the application for the navy. I have successfully completed my RT test in December, & have got my first medical at the end of January.

I've studied at University and gained a 2:2 in Mathematics. However, I only have 120 UCAS points. I am interested in study for an AS level to gain the additional UCAS points that I require, would this be an advisable thing to do?

Also the AS level that I was considering was AS level in Accounting. Would this count as an over lapping subject as I've done an A level in Mathematics & a degree in Mathematics. Or would it be counted as a business subject?

Thank you very much for your help.



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I don't know if it does but in my honest opinion the welsh bacc is money for old rope and, in my accounting frame of mind is double accounting at its best.

I know Unis class it as a separate qualification, worthy of UCAS points, but I really wish they wouldn't, if only for the simple reason it has no stand alone academic content.


It certainly sounds, from what Ninja has said, that you will need additional UCAS points to be considered for Officer entry. Bear in mind also what he said about points value so if you were planning on only doing the AS level you would need an A grade. Have you thought about doing a complete A level in a year (so effectively you would only need a D grade?

I don't know about Accountancy being considered as an overlap subject but I guess what Ninja means by that is that you can't offer two subjects for consideration where the course content are broadly similar.....in my view I wouldn't class Accountancy and Maths as being similar as I would guess the former is about double entry booking keeping, law, and other accountancy related stuff whilst maths (depending on what you did) could cover mechanics, stats, trig and other such delights.
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I have just got off the phone with Swansea AFCO, and they have informed me that the Welsh bac (worth 120 UCAS), is accepted by the AIB. Obviously contact them yourselves.

They also confirmed (I know Ninja has also), that the first degrees means many degree higher than 2.2.

Hope this might help somebody somewhere.


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I have just got off the phone with Swansea AFCO, and they have informed me that the Welsh bac (worth 120 UCAS), is accepted by the AIB. Obviously contact them yourselves.

They also confirmed (I know Ninja has also), that the first degrees means many degree higher than 2.2.

Hope this might help somebody somewhere.

beat me to it Pewdrin .....was going to let you know the same!

(still think its double accounting though :-D)

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