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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Spetsnaz, May 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    i've currently in the middle of applying to be an RN officer.
    however i just got my A level results and i have only got 170 UCAS points. what is likley to happen to my application now?
  2. You need 180. So you don't have enough. Your application is more than likely going to be rejected.
  3. i was doing a BTEC in engineering
  4. am sure i have read something stating that they are not soo keen on taking vocation a levels, but i dont know, why dont you just go in as a rating?
  5. I did a BTEC National Diploma in Business management and Marketing. I myself wasnt to sure if they would allow this, although it was absoloutley fine. My AFCO said they say that about BTEC's because there are some courses that arent as advanced (joking there were ones probably about ball point pens lol), and therefore in a way would not justify the UCAS points. Although I think engineering would be suitable as it is quite an advanced course. Your AFCO should make a quick phone call to ensure that it is suitable and also double check your points, mine were a little different to what I origionally thought.

    Hope your application works out ok! :)
  6. I have already finished my BREC and came out with MM grade and 160 UCAS points.
    I also have an extra 10 points from Key skills

    If its of any value I also have a week of work experience at HMS Collingwood + 2 weeks at RAF Aldergrove
  7. He's already said he did a BTEC not a levels.
  8. In fact he's said it 2 times now but spelt it wrong once.
  9. I have an Advanced Apprenticeship which included an NVQ Level 3 but they wouldn't take it, was surprised :-(
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    For Officer selection, as well as 5 GCSE's A-C(including Maths & English)
    the minimum standard for UCAS points is 180 UCAS points, subject to certain constraints.

    The revised minimum standard for non-graduate Officer entry to the Royal Navy, Royal Marines is 180 UCAS points for all candidates from Fri 29 February 2008, subject to the constraints that:

    1. the total must include at least two non-overlapping subject areas;
    2. each subject must be allocated at least 45 UCAS points;
    3. If unsure of overlapping subject areas AIB should be contacted.

    The minimum for each subject has increased from 40 to 45 UCAS points so the following will no longer acceptable:

    1. A-Level Grade E;
    2. AS-level Grade C;
    3. Scottish Higher Grade D;
    4. Scottish Intermediate any grade.

    The full UCAS points tariff, showing equivalent qualifications, is available at UCAS.com

    You cannot add AS & A level UCAS points in the same subject & the subjects must include at least two non-overlapping subjects scoring over 45.

    The grades that count are:

    A Level/Advanced Highers: A=120, B=100, C=80, D=60
    AS Levels: A=60, B=50
    Scottish Highers: A=72, B=60, C=48

    BTECs Certificates are only valid at level 3 (Distinction, Merit grade pass or better).

    BTEC Diploma (Merit, Merit, Merit)

    All BTECs, HNDs must be verified by the Admiralty Interview Board as accepted non-overlapping subjects of sufficient academic content.

    Some courses do not have sufficient academic content & are therefore not accepted.

    ....To cut a long story short, in answer to the initial query & as stated by Drakey earlier, those failing to meet the minimum acceptable academic threshold are most likely not going to join as an Officer.
  11. But then again I did gain this certificate in the midst of an alcohol haze whilst repping :D :D :D
  12. Spetsnaz

    I think that the best thing to do now is send an e-mail to your ACLO, letting him/her know what has happened. Follow it up with a 'phone call tomorrow.

    I'm wondering whether there is a chance of a resit later in the year?

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