UCAS points - what counts?


I want to join as a marine engineering officer on finishing my mechanical engineering degree in 2 years, however i only have the following AS/A levels.
AS Maths - E
AS Psychology - C
A level Business studies - C
A level general studies - D

I also have a foundation degree in mechanical engineering, will this be enough UCAS points to be accepted?

With reference to your Educational qualifications

The following information is taken from the Royal Navy recruiting website:-

Officers are the senior managers of the Royal Navy. You will need to have excellent leadership skills and the equivalent of at least 180 UCAS points and five GCSEs (A*-C)/ 5 Scottish Standard Grades (1-3)/ equivalent, including English and maths. Not all courses and qualifications, especially those at BTEC or of a more vocational nature, are suitable for inclusion within this 180 points total. Therefore candidates should seek guidance through their Naval Careers Advisor.

Step one: Call 08456 07 55 55 to make an appointment with a Careers Advisor.
Alternatively, click here to let us know you are interested.

Step two: Meet your area Careers Liaison Officer.

Step three: Attend the Admiralty Interview Board.

Your invitation to join If you pass each stage, your application will be sent to the Ministry of Defence for approval. When a decision is made you will receive a letter and, if you have been successful, your next step will be Royal Navy basic training at Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth.

The 180 UCAS points can be made up of the following 2 none overlapping subjects with a minimum UCAS score of 45 points.

A levels - A = 120, B = 100, C = 80 and D = 60

AS levels - A = 60 and B = 50

Other qualifications ie BTEC's etc maybe used towards your point score but will normally be accredited on a case by case basis.

The best thing you can do is pop into your nearest AFCO with your educations certificates and get them to send them off to see if you have what would be required.

Your degree must be accredited by the UK Engineering Council.

Hope this helps


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Ok cheers, i have the GCSEs no prooblem and the degree is accredited so thats not a problem, i think i may have to take my A levels as evening classes whilst at uni, not the end of the world i guess. ive already looked into it and i can do a whole A level in one year at a local college.
Does anyone know how long it takes your local AFCO to contact you as i registered my interest online and it said they would get back to me but its been a couple of weeks now!


War Hero

I'd give Coventry AFCO a buzz this pm just to make sure that you haven't slipped off the system somewhere.

You can get them on:

02476 226513


Does anyone know the names of the courses and visits that the careers office can arrange for you prior to joining and what they involve?