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Can anyone tell me if I could use ucas points gained from a Marine Conservation and Diving BTEC advanced certificate in combination with my A-level results for officer entry?
Ninja Stoker (on another thread) said:
Officer selection, as well as 5 GCSE's A*-C (including Maths & English)
the minimum standard for entry is now 180 UCAS points, subject to certain constraints.

The revised minimum standard for non-graduate Officer entry to the Royal Navy & Royal Marines is 180 UCAS points from Fri 29 February 2008, subject to the constraints that:

a. the total must include at least two non-overlapping subject areas;
b. each subject must be allocated at least 45 UCAS points;
c. If unsure of overlapping subject areas AIB should be contacted.

The minimum for each subject will be increased from 40 to 45 UCAS points so the following will no longer acceptable:

a. A-Level Grade E;
b. AS-level Grade C;
c. Scottish Higher Grade D;
d. Scottish Intermediate – any grade.

The full UCAS points tariff, showing equivalent qualifications, is available at UCAS.com

Candidates offering BTEC Certificates and Diplomas, at level 3 and above, will now be accepted as satisfying the non-overlapping requirement, but the minimum acceptable standards for these qualifications are now as follows:

BTEC Certificate – Distinction, Merit
BTEC Diploma – Merit, Merit, Merit

The minimum standard for A levels remains 180 UCAS points, with at least two non-overlapping subjects. Other Level 3 qualifications will be dealt with under existing policy on a case by case basis.
For anything more specific you would likely have to get your query put to the AIB staff by your AFCO.

Is this BTEC a qualification you have gained via participating in an overseas conservation project for a couple of months rather than doing a year's college course?


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The best bet is to take a copyt of the BTEC course module content to your AFCO for verification of validity via the Admiralty Interview Board.

Currently at A2 it looks like you have 60 valid UCAS points out of required 180.

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