UCAS Points for AIB and some guidance please

I'm currently serving in my phase 2 training and looking for some specific information regarding AIB.
I currently have an NVQ level 2 , 5 GCSE's A-C, 3x Key skills level 2 and as part of my trade training I am doing an NVQ level 2. Im aware that NVQ level 2's are not worth any points but if i was to do the level 3 courses would they be enough to get me onto some sort of access degree?
I'm nearly 22 and most degrees take roughly 3 years and i'm not sure I would complete a course in time for the age cut off for AIB which I believe is 26.
I was wondering if attending CW classes can help me gain any qualifications needed. Do past appraisals have any impact on the AIB?
Apologies for not looking through the 130+page post of AIB but my pc is tad slow.
Thanks for your time and any information you can provide.


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Zoidberg said:
ElQuesoGrande said:
Do you need ucas points for UY? I know you obviously don't for SUY.
When we got the brief at Sultan, we were told it's 5 GCSEs A-C.

Unless the OP forgot to mention a vocational degree already held, such as one in medicine, nursing, engineering or theology, then academically you only need 5 X GCSE's A*-C, including maths & English to apply for Warfare or Logistics Officer from within the service.

There's 'just the little matter' of being recommended & passing AIB.

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