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I suppose satcoms, GPS and ever-increasing electronic component miniaturisation have brought about this convergence. Several of the elements have been around for years - going back pre-WW2 to radio-control of drones, 1944's doodlebugs, and on to seaborne computery like that on Eagle which went to sea in 1963, automated weapon systems like GWS25/Seawolf which I first met in 1968, American AI work on automating the fighter pilot which was going on in the mid-1980s, materials science improvements in weight saving and so forth. Could be an interesting century coming up.
"The problem, however, is that no autonomous robots or artificial intelligence systems have the necessary capabilities to discriminate between combatants and innocents."

When groups such as the Taliban cease dressing like civilians and hiding amongst civilians then innocents will be less likely to die.
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