UAE & the Typhoon malarkey

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Joint defence partnership between UK and the UAE announced
    so the Arabs have shown an interest in buying and will buy if we put a little pressure on a few terrorists living in the UK. Meanwhile he proposes to flood the area with typhoons manned by British crews.
    Given the above why would they want to buy Typhoons when the UK govt is quit happy to base half the Air Force there.
  2. Jobs building them
    Increase the "un"balance of payments
    Their pilots at risk as opposed to ours?
    Saving a fcuking fortune on Crabs hotel bills
  3. I dont think cameron has said he is happy to station any more of the airforce than is already. I think its more about asking if we could as and when we need to really. Which is a pretty good idea really considering its location.
  4. Better off at Brize or Scampton, there the typhoons can be polished and kept shiny until we sell them off after the next defence review. I suppose the French would give us a good price.
  5. Why bother when they have a superior plane.
  6. The French are, indeed, good cabinet makers.

    If you are refering to their great raffle prize, though, I suspect you may have been misinformed.
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  7. Scampton is all but closed and in a very poor state. Current claim to fame is the Red Arrows are based there, but for how long ? , its an ongoing battle to keep them there. Coningsby is the Typhoon base in Lincs.

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