UAE Technical Advisor - Abu Dhabi - 1435


Lantern Swinger
Marshall ADG has been delivering C130 support to overseas customers for many years. An additional opportunity has arisen (pending contract signature) which is to provide support to Derco in the UAE. AMMROC, the prime contractor, delivers maintenance support to the UAE for a fleet of three C130 and three L100 aircraft; Derco provides the support chain solutions to AMMROC as a key sub-contractor.

The purpose of the in-country Marshall ADG Technical Advisor is to work closely with the in-country Derco Logistics Support Representative to provide timely responses to Derco-initiated tasking for technical advice. In order to deliver effective support, and hence an excellent level of customer service to Derco, the technical advisor is responsible for ensuring that technical queries are logged, and a satisfactory answer is delivered either locally utilising pre-approved technical data, or through the coordination of tasks placed on the Cambridge support network.

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