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U-turn over Chinese bride refusal


Lantern Swinger
He'll be having a heart attack soon due to the strain on his cardiovascular system, so the house will become vacant and then his 'young lady' will probably have no rights to the accommodation!


War Hero
Apparently he asked for a 69, and she said if you think I am getting up to cook at this time of night you can think again! Boom Boom. :lol:
You can't beat the old one's.


Lantern Swinger
Wheel-spanner said:
Good luck to him, at least he'll be getting some and the scran will be top notch!

Anybody remember egg and steak banjo's from the Sembawang open air kitchens in Singapore ?
Hawkeye said:
Wheel-spanner said:
Good luck to him, at least he'll be getting some and the scran will be top notch!

Anybody remember egg and steak banjo's from the Sembawang open air kitchens in Singapore ?

Sure can - very tasty with the final Tiger/San Mig.

Did you ever leave the other half for the morning after when you got up ?



War Hero
Dangerous habit to get into whitemouse. I've known many a matlot who buys two and saves one for breakfast under his pillow. Problem is when it's something like a kebab with extra chilly sauce and and our "forward planning sailor" wakes up with a strange orange glow down one side of his face. :lol: :lol:

Possibly not as dangerous as sharing your Nasi Goreng with a Bombay Runner on the other edge of the plate !
Even a whack with a beer bottle didn't crack their shells - just a case of who ate most :lol:


War Hero
:lol: Several times I have awoken to the fragrant smell of a nasigoreng, only to find a palm leave parcel of it under my pillow. Usually got troughed at Stand easy :roll:
I used to buy mine a Chong Pang, just opposite the gate.
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