U.S. Showing it's TRUE colours.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Feb 4, 2009.

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  2. No10 also said "British jobs for british workers" :oops:
  3. No 10 does tell a lot of porkies bless'em but how do they keep getting away with it?
  4. Let's have an election and find out, shall we?
  5. There should absolutely be an enquiry to establish whether there is any truth in the allegation that Britain had at any time been complicit in torture. When the politicians are speaking out against other countries because of their alleged human rights abuses we must ensure that we do not stoop to their level. Any information obtained under torture is immediately unreliable and suspect precisely due to the way it was obtained.

    As for the spams threatening to withdraw sharing intelligence, well that works both ways.
  6. St Gordon of Broone also claimed an end to boom and bust… :?

  7. Whats the Point?We will still end up with a bunch of lying,selfserving,hypocritical scumbags just like the last lot.Pollies are in it for one thing,themselves!What we need is a revolution!!!
  8. Fair one, but what do we do? Return to a Monarchy? Another dictator? Politicians seem to be a necessary evil in our modern society, and the best we can do is pick the lesser of the evils on offer.
  9. To start with the rules governing their behaviour need overhauling,if they transgress them then they are out.In short time we will need to reelect the whole of Parliament as they are virtually all got their digits in the honey pot somewhere along the line and will get caught out.Have you ever seen a poor MP or an Ex MP in the dole queue?Secondly they need to actually do what they were elected to do in the first place,represent the Electorate(ie us)not what the party or party leader wants.If they fail to perform then sack them!Get out of the EU for a start and close the Border and remove the Illegal Immigrants en masse.Thats just for starters.And no im not a Fascist or Communist just a person thats sick of seeing our once great and respected Nation being dragged down the pan!

  10. Another Cromwell works for me…
  11. You are only 'friends' or have a 'special relationship' with the U.S. if you are prepared to tow the line, and most certainly not step out of line.
    This is something UK governments have never learned.
    If there is any truth in this I hope the UK courts retain their independence and publish what the hell they like.
    Now, with a new president is the time to fundamentally change our lap dog relationship with that country.
  12. Well, if you want a dictator who executes MPs who don't agree with him, kills the monarch, then closes Parliament down altogether before running the country as a military dictatorship and finding time to ban Christmas then you crack on.

    Although he did p*ss everyone off so royally that at his death we pretty much went back to the status quo before he'd lifted his sword.
  13. That's pretty much consistent with the views of a lot of the old and bold, except they'd make Christmas mandatory.

  14. Restrictions on freedom of movement, economic protectionism, withdrawal of representative democracy. Could be either.
  15. How will this affect our US owned strategic missile sysytem, aka Trident? Makes some of Nutty´s comments recently seem almost prophetic! Any imminent job losses looming inside the Cheltenham Doughnut?
  16. Was all of this debate started over the alleged torture of an Ethiopian asylum seeker who lived here under our generous social system, then went to Afghanistan on annual leave, then returning back to us, was arrested in Pakistan for trying to leave on a false passport.
    Whilst I do not condone torture, his holiday plans and places visited do seem a little suspect.
  17. Prefect Miliband was given a real roasting for this by Paxman last night, all Mili wants to do is toady up to the septics, maybe he thinks we are the 51st state, oh hang on.
  18. No - the debate was about torture. Not alleged torture. He had been granted asylum by Britain and therefore had most of the rights of a British Citizen; which is irrelevant to the fact that he has been held in a cage for 7 years and extensively tortured - probably with a representative of HMG present during some of the torture sessions and certainly with the full knowledge of HMG. After 7 years he has not been charged with any offence.

    Most of the information that the 2 Senior UK Judges wanted made public has already been released to his US defence lawyers.

    His US military lawyer sums it up well:-

    Lt Colonel Yvonne Bradley, Mr Mohamed's US military lawyer, who visited him in Guantanamo Bay last week, said that America wanted to save face. "What the US is doing right now is not so much about national security or intelligence - it's about being embarrassed," she said.

    The UK Government is also trying to cover-up because there are potentially a lot of Brits who could find themselves standing in the dock in the Hague. As The Blessed Saint Tone of London [and many in the USA] know full well - there is no Statute of Limitations for these crimes.


  19. Karma

    I would keep it much as it is but prosecute any pollie with his hands in the till under Section 16 Theft Act 1968 to dishonestly obtain a pecuniary advantage for yourself or another. Its the jury that decides what is dishonest"


    It must be the choice of the Septics to whom they tell what as it is with HMG and in fact any person on this Forum. Just why do people think the Septics are any different to themselves when it comes to keeping information private to just the people, if any, that they want to have access. They have a choice the same as you do even if you do not like it.


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