U.K. Royal Navy Widening Scope Of Carrier Use

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Sep 13, 2013.

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  1. The U.K. Royal Navy is broadening the scope of how it might use its future fleet of Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers.

    The first of the two ships, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is 80% complete internally according to Rear Admiral Russell Harding, the head of the U.K. Fleet Air Arm, speaking at the Defence Services Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition in London Sept. 10. The vessel is due to be launched “some time in 2014” while work on the sister ship, the HMS Prince of Wales, is proceeding apace.

    Royal Navy Widening Scope Of Carrier Use
    (Source: Aviation Week)
  2. Ridiculous to compare the compliment of the Two carriers....as USS Nimitz air wing comprises of 2,400. Carrier Air Wing Eleven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia her total compliment is 3,200. ......quote Harding Significant work has gone into reducing the manpower levels of the ship. Current crew complement for the vessel alone is 679 sailors, compared to 3,200 for a Nimitz-class carrier of the U.S. Navy.
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  3. QUOTE
    Studies are being carried out by the U.K. Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) to see if the ship can operate safely with more landing spots than the six currently planned. Harding suggests that by adding a further four landing spots, the ship will be able to lift a company-sized unit of troops (up to 250 soldiers) in a single group lift using medium helicopters. “This is possible,” Harding said. “We just need to decide how we paint the lines on the flight deck.” FFS, your having a laugh!!!!??? :blank: Ps Hope we are not paying ,for this advice!!!!
  4. I wonder where Rowboat 70 lives and how he spells "neighbour".

    Serious question; if you wind down the complement too far, do you risk having insufficient hands for damage control/firefighting?
  5. 80% complete?

    which means it will be at least 5 years late from what ever projected in service date currently is
  6. on a lighter note
    how long will people hang around when they will have mahoosive spaces to clean due to such lean manning.

    not long, I will bet
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    A Nimitz has a touche more strike power than QE can ever have. Sadly. In fact at full surge a Nimitz can wipe the deck with almost anybody else's main air force.
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  8. I'm willing to bet the compliment goes up from that figure. I suspect that figure was to get the bloody things signed off in the first place.

    We can lean man, but I'm sure the compliment will end up being around the 1000 mark.
  9. It will interesting to count the installed and possible Liferaft locations.
  10. What about fuel points, electrical points etc? It's not just about lines being painted. When doing an amphibious insert I'd quite like to be able to talk to flyco over the secure (If not regularly working) Telebrief system for those last minute changes to the plan.
    I would also like to hear the views from some of you old and bolds about combining fast jet Fixed wing Ops with those of the Rotary Wing Amphibious ops on the same ship. I know it can work but having witnessed the combined Task Groups of a dedicated Carrier group and a dedicated Amphibious Task Group(Spaced about 90nm apart) I think that the airspace will become very crowded very quickly with 2 groups operating off the same ship. Also, what do the zoomies think of operating so close to land? as the ship would be forced to close the coast whilst the helicopters shift the troops and kit.
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    One of the Falklands books describes how the Amphibs wanted to send in the first wave by helo as per doctrine but this was not done as both carrier decks were needed for Harrier ops.
  12. Was that before or after Atlantic Conveyor was destroyed with almost all of the force's helo lift?

    Also, wouldn't the LPDs have been used for any serious lift? It wouldn't have been sensible to risk the carriers so close to shore.
  13. image.jpg :pPlenty of space for the Mighty King here!!!! A bit of magic and a re spot by the chock heads then of we go to fixed wing flying stations:happy6:
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  14. Ever so slightly off glideslope and centreline but I understand that the Air Force has been offered a DH/HS/BAe 146 tanker variant for the Bennyland Flight. I can't find any numbers but would one fit on a QE Class A/C Lift?
  15. Just tumbled that the artists impression of the new carrier has a port and waist cat, with 3 arrestor wires , and the F35 C???? :D
  16. The BAe 146 has been talked about but there are other plans (wink)!!

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