U-boats open to visitors

U995 was very interesting and well worth a visit.

I was in Tiger and we visited Kiel for Yachting week and saw the boat then - they know how to treat their matelots in Germany.. !!

Had an ex Uboat man come aboard, with a couple of bottles of Schnapps - very tasty indeed !! And then a fantastic run ashore in Kiel to the brewerey, and then clubbing together and paying for a first nighter for a young US Lt JG - but that's another story ... !!

whitemouse said:
- they know how to treat their matelots in Germany.. !!
They certainly knew how to treat "Sam" Donald Patrick English when Swiftsure went to Hamburg 76/77 ,Knifed him and throw him in the river.
:angry4: :angry5: :angry4: :angry5:
Topstop I can still see Sam in my minds eye to this day. Tall and obnoxious, missing teeth but with a heart of gold. He would give you his last penny...problem was he was more than likely borrowing yours because he was always skint!

That was a difficult trip back to the UK after Hamburg with us not knowing where he was or if he was safe, the mood on board was very sombre.

When we sold his kit I probably bought the same pair of socks he'd borrowed from me, as did the rest of the crew over and over again!

RIP Sam...ya big dope!

Was there a boat on display when we were there. We were berthed in the Oberseebruch (?) area which was the U Boat jetty during dubbya dubbya two!
Sorry didn`t get to Hamburg, left when you sailed for Southampton came down the Boat there as its my home town. Didn`t find out about Sam till a year later due to being out of the circuit. It came as a shock as we had been drafted every where together within a week or two up to that point. :crying:
I was in the same mess as Sam when we did EM's course in 1974 and we met up again in 77 in SM2. As has been said, he had a heart of gold and if you were his mate, he was good to have on your side but he was a total pain the 'arris when he had a drink (and, boy, could he drink!) and sometimes when he was sober if he had a mind for it.

Thank you for posting the report, to know the truth at last.

I am sorry for incorrect details I have passed on, they were as told to me several months after the event.

Still miss the mad bugger. RIP.
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