Tyson Fury

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by seafarer1939, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. Watched him win the British Heavyweight championship and thought "Feck Me is this the best we have got?"
    6'9" and he throws little short arm punches whilst his opponent the deposed champion throws round arm punches without class or idea.
    Now perhaps some others who are better qualified than I can explain the demise of our Heavies.
    From my Blackpool days I was friends with Brian London[he had a night club] and whilst it was obvious he was out of his class a lot of his fights he did try.
    He and the Heavyweights of his time would have cleaned the clock of both these fighters[I use that term in a sarcastic way]
    I know they only had a few fights before this but it was pretty poor for a Championship in boxing skill .IMO
  2. He's rubbish, Chisora is worse. Price would mop the floor with both of them.

    I'll give Fury one thing though, he likes fighting. If he clowns around like he did last night against anyone of any ability though he's going to get badly hurt.

    Heavyweight boxing is a joke, the fact that Chisora nearly fought a Klitschko says it all. I'll stick to watching the smaller fellas.

    In better news, Khan was devastating in his demolition of Zab Judah.
  3. Many a night in the 007 and 008 clubs. Brian still jogs round Stanly park.
  4. Concur. ........
  5. His jogging won't be very strenuous I guarantee it.
    Brian was a piece of work,at a black Tie dinner he would turn up in a White or Gold Tux with red Dickie bow just to stand out!
    I watched a him lot on Lytham-St-Annes sands training by jogging then........
    He had a heart attack! that spilled his sails and he saw himself as mortal.
    Visited him in the Hossy and he was a pale shadow with the attack and even more the fact he was mortal.
    Had a pissup with him and mates[hangers on] when I left the area.
    Him,Joe Erskine[clever boxer] Dick Richardson even Bloody Richard Dunne was far better than this shower.
    I don't blame the inexperience I blame the coaching,big fellows should be using their whole body weight to land a blow,short little punches won't cut it apart from inside work and we saw plenty of that to our shame.
    Very Well done to Khan a true warrior.

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