Typical day for an engineering officer in the FAA

Hello there,
I'm hoping someone might be able to help,
I recently passed my SIFT interview and have my AIB in March. One of the things I was told to find out more about ( and it was suggested that I try here as that sort of info wasn't on the RN site)was what would be a typical day for FAA engineering officer.
Also (this might be the wrong forum to ask )- does anyone know if the AIB for Welbeck is exactly the same as the usual one just with an added physics exam?
Many thanks.
Thankyou... Lots to think about!
Long way still to go with AIB revision ,getting fit and then i have to get the A's in the GCSE's , so nothing definite yet.
Is that the case for engineering officers in all branches?
But frankly, for most Engineers who are heading towards Chartered Status, that is the blunt truth. As a Junior AEO you will be a bit more hands-on, as you work towards your Certificate of Competency, and there will be chances to get involved with the design of new equipment as a more Senior AEO, as well as some very specialist roles regarding recovery of aircraft (1710 NAS). But in the main, it's about Engineering Project Management, just in a Dark Blue uniform.

But the biggest point is that you bring an Engineer's mind to the admin. If it was just admin we'd pay someone a lot less to do it. You'll be expected to apply your knowledge, both theoretical and practical, to that admin such that the people under you have a fighting chance to w*nk spanners and trace electrical faults in a sensible timescale. Don't think that just because it's paperwork it's not hard, and doesn't make a difference.
Thanks for the info, I knew it wasn't going to be as 'exciting 'as the recruiting film/ website etc.(a bit like a film trailer where they show only the best bits!) but relieved its not completely admin. Just about to google 1710 NAS
Hi Tomahawk,
March 16th is my AIB, its the Welbeck one. I think ( can anyone confirm?) it's the standard AIB but with added Physics ( deep joy ) - Best of luck for yours.

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