Typhoon walkabout

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by spearfish, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Very good! Thought I saw the russian type of hydels,about half way down the photos,electric string and hydraulics,could be!!!
  2. So its the same there as here , TV ariel down in the radar well during the day, only allowed up at night? :)35th. picture?
  3. Looking at some of those phots it no bloody wonder the Kursk sank.
  4. It would be just my luck to finish my BSQ and get SMERPed to the next one. Was that a viewing gallery in what looked like the bomb shop?
  5. The Scratchers party has some work to catch up on. But you could always relax in the spa after a hard days chipping and scraping. :wink:
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Looks like a normal boat after a bit of sea time. Unless I missed something, she looks in good condition.
  7. Skimmer here, scuse I, is Typhoon the boat Red October was based on ?.
  8. It had a swimming pool? 8O
  9. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

  10. Cheers TO :)
  11. For Sale. One careful owner. May need some attention ?
  12. Having chased the buggers around the oceans often enough, it was brilliant to be able to see inside one. I had heard a buzz about the swimming pool, but thought it was just a dit!

    I thought a lot of the workmanship was a bit poor and the basic steel used during cnstruction must have been pretty poor quality, check out all the corrosion!

    When is the next open day?
  13. There was a "Plunge Pool" onboard those
    gi-naggerous beasts, although why anyone
    would want to go for a swim when coming off
    watch is beyond me.

    Even with the break up of the U.S.S.R. and
    Cold War Endex oh so many years ago, it's
    still a bit sad to see these Armageddon machines
    in such a God awful state.

    At least we had something to do....chasing these
    (and all the other classes of boats) around the
    places we never went to...ever.

    Happy days, striving endlessly to prevent Total
    Thermo-nuclear warfare and the complete destruction
    of the planet.

    Still, there's always the RPG wielding pirate Fuzzy-Wuzzies
    to keep the might of the R.N. in gainful employment.
  14. Ex-Skimmer\Target speaking:

    BNM, so if "we" chased around these buggers then did\do "they" chase around ours? So how can our bombers be found? I thought they were very good at not being detected (apart from another Bomber (French in this case :) ))

    I see that the Typhoon's replacement (The Borey class) has a crew of 107, of which 55 are officers. A little top heavy me thinks. Do they not trust their ratings?
  15. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "There was a "Plunge Pool" onboard those
    gi-naggerous beasts, although why anyone
    would want to go for a swim when coming off
    watch is beyond me."

    The Russians plannned that in the event of war, these boats would go to sea for a year, and then fire their missiles as a 3rd strike weapon a year after the war was 'over'. The intent was to totally scupper western rebuilding chances. They were designed for very long periods at sea - hence the gym and pool.

  16. PT

    Do we have any references or written statements for that bit of info?


  17. Think a gym & a pool would be better off being replaced
    by a load more food, toilet paper and other logistics that
    would have been required to last at least 1 year (without
    any replenishment?) at sea......
    More info on Ballistic patrols (updated in 2007):-

  18. B N M

    I must agree that most SSBN's did a max of about 100 day patrols. The mental and logistical problems of keeping a boat at sea for 12 months when by then most would know they had no Port to return to seem rather far fetched to me That is why I asked if there were any references for the statement.

    We still await

  19. Try doing a search of the words *Submarine Patrols* *Russian submarines* etc or anything else that takes your Top Secret fancy.

    I had a go at *Who shot President Kennedy then?*

    No joy on that front.


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