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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by CallumPM, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. As daft as it sounds I'm having a hard time trying to find decent information of different types of ships in the RN. I've been told you need to have a decent idea of this for your selection interview. If anyone could pint me in the right direction or provide me with any information it would be much appreciated. Also could do with learning about weapons systems I imagine as I'm applying for ET(WE) so any information in regards to that would be brilliant as well.
  2. You are right it does sound daft, the Navy's website has all that information!

    Ships | Royal Navy
  3. haha yeah I'm on there now, I'm just concerned about how much detail I need to go into? I can explain what each type of ships is for (eg assault ships, destroyers) but do I need to know about different types of each ship and information like their names and where they are based?
  4. You have all the information you need on the website. It's an interview, not an interrogation!
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  5. Okay thanks, put me at ease a bit :p might go a bit overkill on it anyway, quite enjoying researching it
  6. I'm waiting for my interview too for WE mate. Never got told to learn about the weapons systems so wouldn't worry too much about it. I'd say learn which ship is for taking down planes, submarines etc
  7. As you've not had your interview Shay, you're not in a very good position to tell others what to revise on. Better you come back after the interview and let others know what you were asked.
  8. I didn't get told a great deal about what I would be interviewed on at all so I wouldn't be too sure pal
  9. Pal? Pal? Oh this is going to be good . . .

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  10. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    I start as a WE in November boys.

    Passed interview in December. In regards to the interview knowledge just learn mainly about your role within the Navy, the different types of ships, the various weapons systems (not in massive detail), main ship names, training lengths and locations, PRNC schedule, basic schedule and you will be asked about basic electronics questions just to see that you are not completely clueless on the subject.

    As already stated all information is available on the RN website.
  11. alright cheers, how basic in terms of electronics would you say? I'm not clueless but I'm far from an expert to say the least
  12. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Just basic.

    I was asked how I would go about a tv that stopped working and just mentioned on & off and the fuse. Then had to explain how to change a fuse.

    What resistance and current is measured in.

    The use of a resistor in a circuit.

    Differences between radar and sonar.

    Various methods of communication.
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    There's also a picture quiz.

    Spot the deliberate mistake.

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  14. He hasn't got a hi-viz jacket on?
  15. The pointing ?
  16. Doh, got it.
    He`s using his wrong hand.
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  17. OMM

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    Sitting on a plastic sheet to stop his jeans getting dirty but his feet are all wet :(
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  19. Got it! Peak of basebal cap pointing in the wrong direction, tsk.
  20. Is he using a right-handed screwdriver with his left hand?

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