Types of AET deployments.

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by caldee22, Dec 10, 2014.

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  1. Apologies if this has been covered already, but what different kind's of deployments are to be expected for a Royal Navy AET. I was made aware that there wasn't much chance of me getting away to sea, which is fine however i'd just like to know where else i could end up; Especially right after training.
  2. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    You won't get to sea right after training due to the fact that you will need to gain QM/QS on your aircraft type. For this you will either be joining culdrose for ASW merlin or SeaKing 7 .Yeovilton for lynx/ wildcat or possibly. RAF Benson for green merlin.
    Sometime after that depending on aircraft type you could join a sea going flight or squadron or even ships company (or MASF old RFANSU) providing aviation support to a ship. If you go green merlin it could be a little while longer before you go to sea.
    Surely if you are joining the RN going away to sea must be one of those things you want to do?
  3. Bloody hell, you are joining Gods chosen branch, what do you want to go to sea for?

    Get used to detachments by air. If you do go to sea the crabs are controlling a lot of the assets and will get them off pussers greys as soon as they are in flying distance from MOB or a holiday inn.

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  4. Thanks that's really helpful! i would love to go to sea but im OK with waiting a while and learning my trade. If i ended up on green Merlin would that mean i would be deployed with the marines?

    I suppose i want to travel, and the crabs seem to control a lot in terms of naval aircraft! However i'll travel in my free time as well.
  5. You won't necessarily deploy with the marines, but alongside them, in support of them. CHF Merlin currently operates from an RAF airfield but is due to return to it's RN roots in the near* future.

    CHF does still operate from naval assets and will most likely do so even more following the withdrawal from Afghan.
  6. In a few years when JSF comes into service there will be lots of deployments to the states to test the weapons etc (UK too small to test the long range ones). Also I would suggest Red Flag in Vegas will be graced with the presence of 809 and The Dumb-ba**ards of 617.

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  7. To elaborate, you may also get El Centro NAF or Davis Montham (RAF Arizona if you're a pissed up jock).

    These are the dets you want to be on, and to prove the superiority of the fixed wing brethren.
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  8. Could you apply for these drafts or is a it on a selection bases only? And seeing as its a couple of years away i assume they would have already trained me on one of the rotary aircraft. If everything goes to plan at basic i should be at HMS sultan for then end of July.
  9. You can apply for what you want. I worked on 2 types of helicopter (3 Mks), and 3 fixed wing (8 Mks).

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  10. But you are more likely to get given what you don't want.
    My first aircraft was the Buccaneer, a pinkies joy as we got given the weapon system (after the greenies decided they didn't want it. Loved them
    Then near the end of my time the bstrds transferred me to Lynx, not much there for a pinky, but loads of other jobs such as S.E., Stores, weapons loading sup I didn't like these angry palm trees drafty sent me to.
    Mind the flight made up for it, closely knit team who watched out for each other:)
  11. When you transferred over did they have you learning on the job?

    In all honesty i dont mind what aircraft they put me on they all look pretty good (i'm sure this opinion will change after a while!). Also whats a pinky, been meaning to ask that for a while :D
  12. To be honest as a pinky one aircraft was the same as the next. You will get a full set of training for aircraft type.

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  13. One of the p.o's on my prnc said they will try to give one of your draught preferences (he says they will give you what you want if theres space), and someone on here says they'll give you want you dont want. Which is more correct?
    I really hope I get what I want. Lol.
  14. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    You will go where the service need you. However if the space is where you want to go they will try and get you there.
    You may have to volunteer to go on draft out of turn to get what you want. If a draft comes up for 820 which you want and you are second on the list by saying you will go out of turn you may get it rather than the number one on the list who only wants Yeovilton
  15. Okay no problem. I'd be willing to work harder to get posted my desired type of aircraft, however, I'll enjoy whatever is put in front of me
  16. Were you my drafty in 1986?
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  17. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    If you got seen off it wasn't me.
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