Type 45s to protect 2012 Olympics from the Thames Estuary

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, May 24, 2009.

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  1. Re: Type 45s to protect 2012 Olympics from the Thames Estuar

  2. This is if the missile is ready by then.
    Any ways Im sure rapier would be bloody cheaper to deploy
  3. Re: Type 45s to protect 2012 Olympics from the Thames Estuar

    8) Is this system good enough to sort out low flying light planes over an area with high rise buildings and heavily built up. Together with assorted Police and other transiting helicopters, low flying traffic in and out of both City and Heathrow Airports. Not with standing cricket balls knocked out of Lords and various other East London Cricket pitches. :roll:

  4. I hate Tessa Jowell.

    Just a though, if Daring or Diamond or Dauntless or which ever one was moored in London DID have to shoot down an aircraft... thats just diverted from Heathrow.... and is coming in over London towards the Stadium... over a massive population area.... isn't it already a bit late?
  5. IIRC, I watched a programme where people were given scenarios and had to resolve them as members of the Government. One of these scenarios was a plane, not answering to comms heading towards London. Once the team had finished discussing what to do and plumped for shooting it down they were informed that it was too late. Once it gets to a certain limit they were unable to shoot it down.

    The East End would be well within the no shoot range.

    Oh well
  6. This after the FRS2 was not allowed to fly over London as part of the 100 years of the FAA because it only has a single engine! Imagine if you will such a hijacked plane being shot down over the Big Smoke...ruddy thing has to land somewhere!
  7. I think the general idea would be that if you had the choice of letting the Hijackers crash into a maximum capacity Olympic stadium and shooting the plane out of the sky so that it crashed in a random location, the latter would almost certainly be the lesser of two evils.

    Aster 30 also has a range of 120kms and it can reach that maximum range in 86 seconds, which gives the authorities quite a bit of leeway when deciding on when to engage a threat to attempt minimal collateral damage.
  8. There is no doubt that the missle Aster 30 has the range and ability to shoot down the a/c the question, but does the Combat Control System fitted have the ability to track and identify a small or medium size a/c over a built up are with the aircraft possibly flying below the level of the many high rise buildings found in the area of Greater London and to sorrt out friend from foe. As it was found in the Falklands radar designed to efficiently identify and track targets over water was found to be wanting when the a/c were over land and flying low.

    Remember also the Met Pol Helicopter Base is in Epping Forest at LippetsHill and just about all their flights will transit over the Olympic site before civil flights into City and LHR plus VIP and military helo's are added to the mix. Which Warefare Officer is going to take out Sir Alan Suger as he is filming another series of "the Apprentice.

    Is Samson etc up to the task?

  9. Re: Type 45s to protect 2012 Olympics from the Thames Estuar

    Dauntless this, Dauntless that. This wasn't a news story, it was a commercial press release bigging up a yet-to-be-released product.

    The give-away is that fecking cricket ball reference. Again.
  10. Hey, Whiterose, less of that, i'll attend the games a lot happier knowing that if a cricket ball was about to hit the main stadium, they could shoot it down and potentially save lives!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    And I always thought the air defence of the UK was an RAF responsibility. During office hours, anyway.
  12. Monday to Thursday - as you will only get the duty pilot on a Friday in case the airframe develops a fault and stops the boys going weekend. Just one's observations from receiving an air raid, on a Friday, from "RAF available assets" in an ADEX and only getting one plane.... I doubt if much has changed much over the recent years.

    Apols for slightly off topic.
  13. Re: Type 45s to protect 2012 Olympics from the Thames Estuar

    Silly season a bit early this year?

    Mud moving interceptors, eh?
  14. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Some months ago I was walking in Westminster and was suprised to see a section of two fighter aircraft fairly low over the H of P (on a weekday).
  15. Re: Type 45s to protect 2012 Olympics from the Thames Estuar

    8) So if we assume that the target a/c is a jet at 400 mph and approaches from any direction than Norfolk where he has been told a RAF FJ is on standby.The RAF take 15 minutes to get into the air and 8 minutes to cover the ground to Hackney our target has moved on 150 miles approx from time to scramble given.

    So the plan is we fly a smallish jet at 400 mph from Southampton area as low as possible using Gatwick as its turning point. Not so hard if we can keep it a secret.

    Still nobody on this net will grass me up except SPB and it is doubtful as a crusher he understands the plan. :p :) 8) :lol:


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