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Discussion in 'MoD News' started by dapperdunn, Jan 29, 2016.

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  1. Unfortunately its always been the way, a contractor doesn't live up to expectations and the Navy has to pay. Look at ships in Refit, as the clock ticks ever closer to flooding up or Ships Staff Move on Board date, the lads are expected to dig in and help out the dockyard.

    You wouldn't buy a car for example and then pay for safety call backs or book it in for a service and then do the work yourself! For whatever reason Pusser always seems to get shafted
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  2. Yes that's very true with ships staff helping out closer to flooding up, because contractors are rubbish and the navy always gets fisted, overpriced contractors, rubbish work
  3. Rosythe Dockyard, now there is a place to get yer ship refitted:(
  4. Somebody signed the Wärtsiläs off as adequate, and I'd wager it wasn't a civvy. If the Type 45s are underpowered, then so are the QECs.

    Type 45: 2 x 12V20.
    QEC: 2 x 16V38 and 2 x 12V38.

    We'll see how that turns out.
  5. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    MLP beat me to it. The contractors will have delivered to the contract. The first ship of any class is generally a dog anyhow I'm told.
  6. I would sugest this is a bit of spin and the engine manufactuer has made some enhanchments to the engines and given them a new Part No etc. The RN in its wisdom has asked for the new more powerful engines upgrade and the press have added a few zero's on the cost. I see it every day with aircraft parts, the same part on the open market is a lot cheaper (from Bloggs Parts), as son as you mention military and you need form X,Y and Z with it the price trebles.
  7. This is why we originally ordered 12.
    They were designed to sail in a permanently paired-up RAS formation with shore cables connected between them to spread the load.
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  8. Good luck, I'm turned to, but the dockies ain't cause it's too windy to walk across the gangway apparently!

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  9. Bring back T22
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  10. I find it sad that 22s had to disappear

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  11. The first batch of County Class had gas turbine generators in M section , totally unreliable so were replaced with Paxman V16 diesels , problem solved and guess what , they cut a hole in the side of the ship to facilitate this.
  12. QEC will be fine. The principal issue is the combination of the Great White Turbine and the unreliability of its complicated bits, paired with two very small (2MW) genny's which were only supposed to provide harbour supplies.

    Trouble is the complicated bits on the GWT keep falling over and the combined power of the genny's isn't enough to run the ship and maintain any propulsive power. The ideal would be to replace the GWT, but there isn't anything else in the right power bracket and with the right fuel consumption. Hence the least worst option is to significantly up the DG capability (three bigger 3-5MW donks), run them most of the time and flash up the GWT for high-power.

    Incidentally, the choice of the GWT was (allegedly) mandated by that peerless SoS BuffHoon. BAES had offered a more conventional solution using GE turbines. BuffHoon was from a constituency not geographically far removed from a certain UK engine manufacturer.
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  13. Same best ship served on,
  14. Is there anyone on this forum who is:

    1. An engineer.
    2. Understands the issues in play.

    And can tell us briefly the facts of the problem in T45?
  15. I could but I'd have to shoot you afterwards :)
  16. Yes, a bit, not in public :(
  17. Issue in brief terms that can be understood by politicians and dabbers. You are about to engage the enemy, the lights go out, you stop in the water, the radar stops working, the missiles will not fire, you die. Oh, and the green Pussers torch has to be beaten into submission to radiate light.

    You could probably apply the words of John Glen - “As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind - every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder.”
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  18. Although the last should be first. Priorities and all that!

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