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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by nuts_mcauliff, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone else seen the news about the type 45's on Janes?

  2. Well that's my attempt to get people to post here's the key points from Janes. I access it via Armynet. Don't know how you lot can do it over on this side.

  3. I'd put it in the "unconfirmed" bucket for the moment. Some of it fits rumours I've heard, other parts are news to me and affect important deadlines (so I'd naively expect to hear about them before they appear in Jane's).

    When Jane's are good they can be very good, but there are times they're quietly and thoroughly just wrong...
  4. Main article is about how expensive and late the 45's will be. And will we won't we have 6 or 8 of them.

  5. And as always ,Big And Expensive are the winners, and the RN are the losers.
  6. Am I missing something simple? BAES will surely be better off if the Treasury can cover 8 and not just 6. Of course, should it become 4, everybody is a loser.
  7. When will the RN get something similar - Armynet as far as I've seen is miles ahead of anything the RN has. I understand they'll be able to access JPA on it to, so great for the TA.

  8. They and teh Government have been trying to interest the Saudis in buying some…

    It's widely believed that as a sweetener the Gov has offered the Saudis hulls 5 & 6 off the stocks to speed up delivery.

    BAE wins, they get to build them anyway…

    Saudis win, they get two new AAW destroyers in double quick time…

    Government wins, they can push back the order for the RN's hull 5 & 6 (aka 7 & 8), to the next parliament…

    RN gets screwed…

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