Type 45 computer system

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Guys
    Having a quiet pint in my local last night and was told that we are having snags with an obsolete computer system on DARING. Methinks haven't we been down that route before ie ADAWS, :salut: someone once said to me when the RN selected the system it was a similar decision it was like the first video recorders we opted for the Betamax version and every other fecking navy took the VHS version.
    Why oh why didn't we just buy 10 Arleigh Burke's off the yanks at least one is called the Winston Churchill.
  2. my bold
    Cos the yanks are having lots of expensive issues with them?
  3. Because BaE would have thrown a hissy fit and sacked a lot of workers due to "lack of ongoing contract awards" or in other words, they hold the UK Government to ransom.
  4. To be honest those days are pretty well past, any offshore contractor would simply offer ofset work in the UK which may actually result in more UK jobs than those lost by BAe. The reality is there are many other issues in taking an offshore design and being able to do with it what we want, and there are a myriad of support issues too. Equally the headline price you see in the press is not the whole price we would be obliged to pay even if we really did buy a standard production model with no custmisation.

    Equally whilst I am sure the septics will keep the ABs in service for some time to come that will only be with significant upgrade to keep their systems current so the cost of ownership which is often higher than the purchase price will be significant.
  5. I was 6 miles of the coast of Iraq in 2003 on a CVS and I always felt safer when an AB was goalkeeping than a batch 2 T42. I remember the snags with the T23 we didn't get one operational until 10 years after NORFOLK was commissioned.
    If the sceptics are out on AB s then why are we buying the Joint Strike Figher or whatever its called now.
    By the way I was in the gulf when VINCENNES shot down the Iranian airliner in 88 now that was a fcuk up.
  7. NP1600 DILLIGENCE now that was a draft lots of time in Jebel Ali, we were supporting the sweepers in the gulf wish to feck I was back. Anyone remember the Metropolitan Hotel and the Red Lion.
  8. Yep.
    I was on the Herald :)
  9. You barstards would sit alongside for 31 days even during a 30 day month. Then in the middle of a BMP for the Sweepers you would leave the wall, move around the harbour to dislodge all the coke cans then go back alongside. Qualified for 'War bonus' was the word on the Sweep deck.
    Our QM saw a Rat on you trying to get across our Gangway, 'what did you do' he was asked 'nothing' it was a big bastard.
    We used to visit the Kentuckey Fried Chicken in town.
    The Hotel had a big room where the Indians/Pakistanis would watch movies, I remember our Coxn on a Rabbit runashore left all his Rabbits outside (doorman looked after things like that) came out, Camera gone, everything gone.
    We had about 7 months there & a month to get there & back, no Off Station time.
    Our Buffer went with a team to Paint M42 (just had the magnifying glass out) at the waterline on the bows of Herald the day before Herald came back.
    No I don't remember a thing about that trip, 24 days month Sweeping...........drone................heat.............
  10. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Interesting - given the absence of an air threat, how did the AB cope better?

    Also interesting to note that we were that goalkeeper and having spent many a happy hour trying to work out what the CVS was going to do next, I don't recall a USN member of the UK ATG... when we were not on station it was one of the other 42s or even the 23 that babysat for you.

    PS - you missed a cracking run in the Far East.....
  11. Hey mate they still had SSM s off the coast if you were there you would know lots of them ended up in Kuwait. Where you there if not don't know what the fcuk you talkin about.
    Sorry if you veteran rum ration
    Love ya

  12. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you bothered to read my post you could work out that yes, I was there. Just to educate you further, the missiles fired into Kuwait were not anti ship missiles....

    I think it may not be me who doesn't know what the fcuk they are talking about......

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