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Type 42 Helicopter Landings?

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Have seen a Sea King land at Red 90 one wheel on across a T42 deck during Gulf War 1 (1991).
However as a previous T42 Flight man, I can assure you they are only allowed to carry Lynx due to the dimensions of the deck and weight limit on the deck.
You may occasionally see a Augusta 109 if working with the boys in green, or a Dauphin whilst at BOST on deck.


If you also wanted true realism, the FDO's never used bats during day op's just bright orange gloves. night times they used light wands...

and there aren't enough WAFU's on deck sitting around doing bugger all on clicky beds. Me being Ex woo would know. :laughing2:

but I do think you have to use some moderate use of artistic license. most deck op's the torpedo would be in the hanger lashed down whilst the CAB was on deck and the flight would be crowded around it waiting to bimble on the deck with it....

If you made the model with that on it would look kinda boring I guess. Over all, bloody outstanding!!!
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Hi all, sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I was on a Type 42 HMS Glasgow, when we had a Sea King land on deck during refueling, very scary moment, but it has been done.


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On HMS Cardiff during our first deployment we had an Army Puma land on the flight deck out in Belize and that was a tight fit. So if the Merlin is bigger than that (I left before they came into service), I would doubt it could get on the deck of even a stretched 42.
Yes we also had an Army Puma land on FD of the Newcastle when we were off Belize.
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