Type 42 - Falklands Historic Ships

Discussion in 'History' started by stumpy, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. There has been some media interest in the sorry fate of HMS PLYMOUTH and is made me wonder two things:

    1) Why not have her in Pompey alongside the Victory or Warrior?

    2) When one of the Type 42s pay off, why not send her to the historic dockyard as a museum? It would be really good to have a ship there that was in service recently. It would be even better if there is a 42 that was in both the Falklands and GW1.

    Either would help connect the historic dockyard with more modern events.

    Also, just before the last 42s pay off they should get the remainder together off Scotland and do a mass Sea Dart ripple fire volley (or whatever it is called). Just imagine, half a dozen or so 42s, all firing about 20 Sea Darts in quick succession. That would be a quite a good sight, and make impressive PR footage. What do you think?It would save money on disposing all of those Sea Darts.
  2. I remember seeing the Glasgow arrive in Pompey a couple of days before I went down south, with the gaping hole in the side where the bomb came out without going off.

    She sailed from the States, and when I joined her 2 years later and got the story, the saying "bombed from within AND without" became clear.

    As to saving one, I think Glasgow would be a prime candidate for a Falklands museum ship.

    Ripple volley fire, Stumpy?

    What was that about being bombed again?
  3. This whole idea just stinks of common sense and therefore wont happen :)
  4. I was standing under the Forth Road Bridge when Plymouth returned home - what a sight - a battle scarred warrior returning to her families.
  5. I can almost hear the old girl

    ` Is that the best you can do you *******? `
  6. Last time I was there, it seemed the area round Victory looked like a dumping ground for sweepers & something from 190 whatever.
    If anything they should bring Invincible round & make her a floating museum not just for the Falklands but everywhere Pussers War Canoes have been since the 80s as well as past & it could be updated as well.

    I mean put a wessie, wasp, Shar & Seaking on deck & have a tour like at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.
  7. When Ajax came out of refit we were berthed outboard of Plymouth. Whist painting the ships side, we accidentally altered the F of her pennant number to match the form the white mafia made you sign when you lost something.

    Both ships were in the 8th Frigate squadron with us being the leader. I believe the Cherry B was in the squadron along with a type 21.

    On the way back from a deployment to the states, we did a Formation F to salute the Plymouth paying off into refit. The WEO had loaded the ASW mortars with bog rolls and spuds, and as she passed, she got the lot!

    To think that was nearly 30 years ago
  8. That would make EXETER a good choice when she pays off then. Also I believe that her Sea Dart downed the first Argentinian aircraft in the Falklands.
  9. being one of my old war canoes, I would vote for Exeter too. Still have the footage of us returning to Pompey in 82 if anyone wants to see it.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    At risk of opening a can of wriggly things: whereas Exeter has several claimed kills, I thought Coventry got there first with their claimed kills during the conflict with regard the use of Sea Dart. Happy to stand corrected if I'm wrong. To be honest I couldn't even say with certainty how many claimed kills my ship (Argonaut) had as I was busy searching for my yet to be invented Ipod at the time.
  11. Talking of type 42's has anyone got any pictures od Southampton after she can a cropper in the Gulf or Nottingham holed off Australia
  12. Cardiff's done both too, and is currently 'available'. Would vote Exeter though 'cos me dad was on it in the Falklands
  13. Exeter was the first type 42 to be fitted with Phalanx. It was also the first Phalanx system that I fitted to any ship.
  14. And the only one with a blue waterline?
  15. So was the Liverpool and she was the only Devonport based 42 in 81/82 before moving to Rosyth. Apparently the paint wasnt such a success and got redone to boot topping black
  16. I have some of the Southampton (somewhere in my huge pile of old photos), showing the wreck of the bridge and the damage to the portside. I'll have to dig them out at some point. Interesting night that was........
  17. I seem to remember that the boot topping, on most ships, was painted grey during the Falklands war.
  18. I was not on the bridge that day

    Who you calling a wreck :money: I was on the Stbd Waste having a Beer!!!!
  19. I bet you spilled it!! :thumright: (...and I wouldn't blame you!)

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