Type 42 - End Of An Era Dinner - 03 October 2013

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by WindowLickerScribe, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. I've just spotted this via RNTM and thought I would share the web link for you all: Type 42 - End of an Era Dinner As a heads up, tickets are costing £75 per head.
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  2. How long before someone says "stinky Pompey gash barges"? Oh, I just did ;)
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  3. Hociffers only, or can anyone go?

  4. Will pass on to an ex CPOSA I know.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Bloody hell. They're allowing officers too? :neutral:
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  6. As much as I loved type 42s. This sounds like an absolute throb fest of the highest order that will only be attended by those sad lonely divorcees who can't let go and still call their shoes 'bats' 20 years after they've gone outside. The dits will be gash and there'll be fat middle aged dabbers swamping themselves all over the place being hilarious and wacky.

    I might go if my freezer doesn't need defrosting.
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  7. I dunno, the 75 quid price tag should put most people off. It looks like the sort of shindig that only ex Lt Commanders and their wives will attend.

    The car park at that do will be sea of second hand Discoveries and the main topic of conversation will be golf.
  8. £75 is ball prices these days, doesn't put the sad SLAM dwelling full time, superdry clad bar stanchions off. They don't have houses to pay for.
  9. Yes but at a ball, there will be drunk girls.

  10. I'll wager there won't be too many at the T42 reunion. I'll also wager the ones that are (much like at the Yeovil, Culdrose and Collingwood balls) will be old, fat, honking or a combination of the three.
  11. Of course my main experience of balls is the HAC one, even Jonno could trap there.

    But yeah the 42 dinner looks gash.
  12. You have been spoilt. Pusser's balls don't compare.
  13. I can imagine.

    Finger buffet provided courtesy of Iceland Gosport, raffle with a £200 Argos voucher as the top prize, a nice White Ensign draped on one wall to serve as a backdrop for portrait phots of blokes in their eBay mess kits and their birds, perhaps a chocolate fountain that one of the Chief's wives runs as a sideline business and a couple of drunk JRs in rig who have been jiffed to run the bar and pick up empties.

    Am I close?
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  14. You've scrubbed it up a bit but yep. The only omissions are: You forgot the waltzer brought in that only 3 people use and adds 50% to the ticket price and fat horrid wives whoring about or having massive domestics.
  15. I nearly forgot about the chad theme.

    This year it's 'Vintage.'

    This means that they've decorated the gym/venue with loads of flags and a few of those wanky 'keep calm' posters, the portrait phots are in black and white and all the fat wives are dressed in floral dresses and have drawn lines on the backs of their flabby legs to simulate old fashioned stockings. Some of the blokes have made an effort by sourcing old school blue caps and are pretending to smoke pipes. The DJ mixes the odd swing band tune into the set in order to give a real 1940's feel to things.

    Ironically the bar only serves drinks in plastic cups even though plastic cups were not invented in the 1940s.

    Otherwise it's exactly the same as usual.
  16. 'Under the sea' was a beauty. Bubble wrap everywhere gives the impression of being in the oggin apparently.
  17. They did the vintage theme at an HAC ball a little while back. Along with WW2 search lights lighting up the sky, they brought in a real Spitfire for people to sit in and had that epic swing/jive band from Britain's Got Talent in the yellow suits.
  18. Any Rum Rationers attending?
  19. Passed it on to a Jack Dusty I know but don't know if hes going
  20. wal

    wal Badgeman

    So how is your handicap, 2DD?

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